The story of  Antonina Muran from Krasnohorivka is tragic – at her age of 56 she eye-witnessed the death of her husband who was killed by a projectile explosion and experienced the death of both of her parents after 6 heavy shelling, loneliness, disability and depression from living in the “red zone”.

The war is something horrible. On July 19, 2019, my husband went to the garden to dig some potatoes – there were about 10 bushes left. I was working on another garden bed at the same time. I heard the sound of a shell, it was clear that would explode somewhere very close. When I ran to the garden where my husband worked, I saw a terrifying picture – he was dead with a shell hitting his heart area, which continued to beat in front of my eyes, while he was already dead. Just a shell and the man was gone and I was left alone…

We are thankful for any kind of charitable relief we receive – this means that there is still some future for this world. We know how to appreciate even smallest good thing in life after we have survived in the terrible year of 2014 when the bombing happened every single day. Every time we heard the sounds of shells we had to lay down on the floor and wait until it’s over”.

Antonina received some vegetable seeds in the spring and a food bag.  She was rejoicing with tears in her eyes and thanking us for not forgetting about her and  for providing her with a regular support.

Ibrahimova Lusya  is 62-year old friend of Antonina who lives in the same ill-fated building in Krasnohorivka that so often comes under shelling. She cares for her friend Antonina like a mother. Even though you can hear the sounds of fire in the distance, she continues to joke, trying to make us smile. Lusya’s motto is to show good  emotions and kindness and to live here and now.

Lusya shares about her friend Antonina: “After her husband’s death, Antonina never goes to the garden on her own! She is afraid of the terrible memories of war and death. However, we still have to plant seeds, right where her husband died…. She really needs out support. For over a year she can’t return to a normal life and cries a lot. She can’t even eat potatoes because her husband was digging potatoes when a shell killed him. The only way to survive here at war is to be together in everything. I am trying to support her as much as I can. A good word and an optimistic attitude is the most expensive treasure here at the war!”

“Many charitable funds have closed their operations here and it’s so good to know that CBN-Emmanuel still continues to help us. You are very faithful and you still bring us some food and seeds. May the Lord keep you and your Partners safe! Thank you so much”, Lusya said.

 45 most vulnerable people of Krasnohorivka received food bags from ORA organization 

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Anna Chaban, CBN-Emmanuil