Lyudmila Sheludko from the town of Maryinka which has been affected by war for the last 6 years, called CBN-Emmanuel’s hot line asking for help and was added to Emmanuel’s list of prospective beneficiaries.

When you called me back two weeks later and told me that you were bringing a food package right to my home, I couldn’t believe my ears! After all, hotline telephones, as a rule, always seemed to me something ephemeral, distant and not guaranteeing anything. I had applied to many various charitable funds with a request for help, but everything had been in vain! I had no hope that somebody would provide help after all…

But now, I have this package full of food: butter, tea, all kinds of cereals, and even condensed milk! I just watched a movie today where someone ate pancakes covered with condensed milk. It made my mouth water – I really wanted to taste some condensed milk, but I never have the money to buy some. After all, I have a pension of 2,400 hryvnias (about USD90) and with this money I can only buy the essentials.  For me, as an older person, the essentials are medicines and the most basic food. One can only dream of condensed milk! (the woman is crying).

You have no idea how much your visit is a testimony to me that God exists, He is alive and He knows our desires! Thank you very much for being so attentive to every call to the hotline!” – Lyudmila Andreevna thanked us sincerely and with joy.

The woman had worked 44 years as an accountant and as a result received a minimum pension of less than 100USD to survive. In addition to lack of money and bad health Lyudmila is forced to endure regular shelling and fear for her own life, because they shoot in Maryinka much more often than anywhere else on the front line. Lyudmila’s children had left a long time ago, because there are no jobs in the frontline town and they still have to survive.

CBN-Emmanuel’s team works every day to ensure that we do not miss a single request for help. Every person calling us matters. Our goal is not just to bring food but also to help spiritually, to talk to people, to comfort them and give them hope

There are many people in our team involved in the process – a hotline operator, a fundraiser, a photographer and journalist telling you these stories, logisticians, drivers, movers, managers, spiritual mentors and many other key people.

The funds received from crowdfunding are not covering our team’s salaries. Every hryvnya or dollar raised on this web-site is spent for buying food for people in need. While ordinary people like you continue to donate, we can plan our work and make purchases of groceries for people like Lyudmila.

You can help revive hope for the people living on the war zone. One grocery package costs $10. You can make a donation by following the link

As long as there are people who care, there is hope for our beneficiaries living at war. Thank you for your donation.

By Anna Chaban