HELPUA.ORG is one of the numerous projects carried out by “Emmanuel” Association. “Emmanuel” has been providing help and relief to the needy in Ukraine of over last 20 years.
The project was launched in 2014 due to difficult situation in eastern Ukraine caused by military actions. Due to the conflict, many Ukrainian families lost their homes and family members and found themselves with no means for survival.

HELPUA.ORG has been carrying out its activities in the front-line towns and villages of eastern Ukraine aimed at providing help to the most vulnerable layers of society – children and elderly people. Emmanuel’s activities are being implemented through volunteer and missionary centers situated along the front-line in the towns of Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

At the moment, over 100 missionaries are serving the needy in 31 missionary centers along the front line.

We are able to do our work owing to the charitable contributions made by physical persons and due to support of international charitable organizations.
Please join us in providing help to those who desperately need it!
Even a small contribution is important!



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  • Housing” – buying and rebuilding houses for families with children who lost their homes due to military actions;
  • Food Security” – providing food relief and seeds for the needy;
  • Children of War” – starting Superbook Clubs, providing financial help to needy children, organizing Christmas and Easter celebrations and arranging summer camps for children living in the conflict-affected areas;
  • Heating” – providing wood-burning stoves, hard-fuel boilers, firewood and hard fuel to the needy living in the conflict-affected areas;
  • Humanitarian Relief” – providing clothes, shoes, furniture and toys for the people on Donbass. Providing medical equipment and medical supplies to hospitals of Donetsk and Luhansk regions;
  • Medical Ministry” – organizing medical outreaches to the locals of Donbass; providing medicines and financial support for their further treatment;
  • Development of Churches and Missions” – opening new missionary centers and starting new home groups.

Our team

Galyna Kucher

President of International Public Organization “Emmanuel Charity Association”

Luidmila Gamaliy

Content Manager, Coordinator LCS (Life saving surgeries) project

Anna Siromakha

Director of Humanitarian and Disaster Relief Projects

Anna Chaban