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There is a feeling in the last couple of days or even weeks, that we now live in some dramatic historical moment, which will inevitably affect our future. This may not happen over one day, but will definitely happen.  In the midst of COVID-19 pandemic, various troublesome political news keep hitting us every single day making us doubt in the future and freeze not knowing what to believe any more.
However, there are people who have no time to freeze. After six years of war in Eastern Ukraine, the locals of war-affected areas are still suffering from shelling, deprivation and regular violation of human rights.
With the outbreak of the pandemic, many of them have lost their only source of income – the ability to sell vegetables that they are growing at the local markets and, thus, are left in fear of total poverty.
We have been receiving an increasing number of calls for help to our hot-line. People’s needs remain pretty basic – they are asking for food and hygienic supplies. 
We understand that the situation with the pandemic-related quarantine is very grave in all countries, but there are people in Ukraine who literally have nothing to rely on – due to war, absence of health care in the area and lack of any savings that would help them survive these difficult times.
The cost of one survival food kit amounts to only $10. Is $10 a great amount for you? For them, this amount can mean survival. 
At the moment, we are starting a fundraising campaign to collect 500 food kits.

Please, indicate “for food sets” in the notes.

Even a small contribution can save someone’s life!

Собрано: 100%

Collected: 5000$

Total amount: 5 000$