Vasyl Pavlik, a resident of the war-torn town of Marganets, Ukraine, has experienced the devastating effects of war firsthand.

His home was hit by a missile, his son was drafted into the military, his daughter-in-law was injured, and his beloved pet lost its life. Despite enduring such tragedies at the age of 60, Vasyl continues to live in a semi-ruined yard, displaying remarkable resilience and an ability to find small joys amidst the turmoil.

Following the destruction of the Kakhovka reservoir, the scarcity of water has become a pressing issue for Vasyl and the community. Surviving without access to clean water has become a daily struggle.

I am immensely grateful to the representatives of ‘Operation Blessing’ for bringing us potable water. In the wild heat of +35 degrees Celsius, water becomes particularly vital. Obtaining water independently requires tremendous effort. We collect water from contaminated wells or distant water sources. Considering the constant air raids and shelling, going out in search of water in open areas poses a significant risk. The water we manage to find cannot even be called technically clean, let alone drinkable; it is extremely dirty. Of course, water is brought to us, but it comes at a steep cost. For a simple pensioner like me, buying water regularly at 60 hryvnias is simply impossible.

In the past, during airstrikes, we would take shelter in the basement, but now we no longer hide there. The weaponry used by the Russians turns basements into real death traps.

To be honest, I feel guilty complaining when I see how other pensioners are living. My eyes are full of tears when I witness some elderly people going to the pet store to buy dog bones not for their pets, but for themselves. They have lived, worked hard their whole lives, and now in their old age, they have to eat dog food. It’s not surprising, considering that prices have tripled while pensions remain stagnant.

Amidst this turbulent life, there is one source of hope that warms the soul and keeps our spirits up – my son, who occasionally comes home from the frontlines, and you, the volunteers, who in the truest sense of the word, do not leave us to die.

I wish you peaceful skies, and may you never experience war! Thank you for the water, “Operation Blessing” – Vasyl shared with sincere gratitude.

Thanks to the selfless contributions from caring individuals associated with “Operation Blessing,” 16,200 six-liter bottles of water have been acquired. This much-awaited drinking water has provided relief to countless residents in desperate need.

The people of Ukraine extend their gratitude to these compassionate partners for their invaluable assistance during these trying times. Their support reminds us of the power of collective kindness and the difference it can make in the lives of those facing unimaginable challenges.

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