In a region half-occupied by Russia and ravaged by war and humanitarian disaste, elderly residents of  Donetsk region, Ukraine, find themselves trapped in a nightmarish existence

Isolated from the outside world, they face daily challenges, from relentless shelling to a dire shortage of essential supplies and medical care. As they strive to survive, their lives are defined by scarcity, despair, and the constant threat of violence.

68-year-old Ivan Ivanovich Larionov, a resident of the frontline town of Voskresenka, worked as an agronomist his whole life. His professional knowledge became invaluable for survival after he retired.

We survive now only by planting gardens. The $50 pension is not enough even for basic needs. While before the war, the payments were enough for medicine, meager chicken bones, and bread, with the onset of full-scale war, prices skyrocketed. Now the pension covers only the cheapest medications, and we have to save on food. Buying enough bread to eat is already an unimaginable luxury for us. The government slightly increased our pension, yes. But inflation has eaten up all that increase. A loaf of bread costs 25 hryvnias. That’s three times more expensive than before the war. And the pension increased by only 10%. Calculate that».

I am very grateful that your organization, “ORA,” prevents us from dying of hunger. I dream of the silence to come, so that these rockets no longer disturb our sleep. And may there always be a piece of bread on the table next to a bowl of soup. Thank you for your help…” Ivan expressed his gratitude.

Our volunteers delivered 43,000 loaves of bread to the villages in the Donetsk region. This became possible thanks to caring Dutch people who sent their finances to help Ukrainians. We thank them and invite everyone to join our aid projects. The need has not diminished. The unfortunate events in Ukraine have brought even more sorrow and problems. 

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Anna Chaban, CBN-Emmanuil, Ukraine