Over the years, CBN Ukraine has been doing many various humanitarian projects, but one of the most significant ones is called “Feed the Hungry.”

Through this initiative, we provide bread and food packages to those in need.

As part of the bread distribution project, we recently visited remote occupied villages in the Kherson and Mykolaiv regions. Our goal was to connect with the people and witness firsthand the importance of this project. What we observed not only reaffirmed our beliefs but also deeply shocked us with the realization of how resilient the people in these semi-destroyed settlements are, despite their impoverishment.

Mykhailo Ivanovych Fedorenko from the village of Lepetykha was one of the many others who came to the bread distribution point.  The war in this region has devastated the lives of thousands of people, with many losing their homes and everything they had worked hard to build. Mykhailo’s story vividly demonstrates how people manage to survive after de-occupation.

In tears, the 62-year-old man, bound to a wheelchair, shared his experience:
When the Russians began bombing the Mykolaiv region, rockets flew directly above our heads. The shock was so intense that none of the neighbors sought refuge in the bomb shelters. We stood there in awe, gazing at the sky. It’s simply impossible to prepare for war.
Over time, as we grew accustomed to the war, everyone started seeking shelter in the bomb shelters. As you can see, being in a wheelchair, I couldn’t descend into the shelter. When I heard rockets coming from the right, I quickly maneuvered my wheelchair towards the left wall. And if the rockets flew from the left, I shifted towards the right wall. Thus, I endured the bombardments alone. I always feared that if I got injured, there would be no one to provide medical assistance. By the grace of God, I survived until this day. When the Armed Forces of Ukraine liberated the neighboring villages and drove out the Russian invaders, our life here naturally became calmer.
I am immensely grateful to “Operation Blessing” for their consistent support in providing bread. With a monthly pension of only 50 dollars, surviving is simply unrealistic! Thanks to you, I no longer worry about food. I have no complaints, as I have everything I need. I am not hungry. Everything is fine. The only thing left is for the war to come to an end.
I sincerely appreciate your care for me. It is vital that the supply of bread continues uninterrupted in the future; otherwise, our survival is at stake…”

It is crucial that we never forget the image of Mykhailo, as the people we are assisting are mostly in similar situations. They have disabilities, cannot work, and rely on the assistance of others.

Please, continue to donate whatever you can to provide food for these individuals.

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Anna Chaban, CBN-Emmanuil, Ukraine