At first, such stories make your blood freeze in the veins but after seeing so many of them you start getting used to the stories of these lonely, abandoned elderly people who had been left alone with the war are everywhere…

78-year-old Galina Andriyivna is reluctant to talk about her life. And it is not surprising – after all, she has faced all of the sorrows of the 21st century in her life having become not just a witness but rather a victim.

The final blows of the destiny have been the war that came into her life back in 2014 and COVID-19 pandemic that has made the lives of many people living at war even more unbearable. Galina now lives in a shelter for the elderly in Chasiv Yar, eastern Ukraine. Thankfully, she still can be a great helper in the kitchen and in the garden unlike most of the persons living here who are unable to move or even to speak.

Luckily enough, Galina still can fit the verb “live” into her daily schedule. She tries to find live in everything – whether she is helping to do the beds or helping in the kitchen preparing preserves or in the garden harvesting crops.

I am so grateful to the Dutch organization ORA for giving us the seeds in the spring! – the woman thanked with a smile. – Thanks to you, we had something to sow, and now we have something to look after, crops to collect, and something to live for in general!

Here in the hospice we are very well cared for and the food is excellent! But my goal in the garden is not even to get food, but to have something to continue to live for! Look, every day there is a harvest from the garden!

The director of the shelter Evgeny Tkachev says that thanks to the harvest from the garden, we can save $10 every day! ”

We are glad that several years ago God has given us the wisdom to launch our “Something to Eat Every Day” (SEED) Project in the east of Ukraine!

In the framework of this project not only do we provide people with the seeds, and therefore, with the food grey grow during the summer and preserve for the winter, but also they get motivation to live and work with their own hands

You can become a part of this project by donating a convenient amount which will help us buy more seeds for people like Galina!

1 package of seeds costs $5!

You can make a donation here:

Anna Chaban, CBN-Emmanuel