The way from Mukachevo to Budapest is over which our Sasha Gorvat went courageously through smiling guilty after each pain attack. There is modern European clinic, doctors and the first medical examination. There was noticeable concern in the eyes of Hungarian specialists because Sasha’s condition appeared to be worse than they expected. They managed to put an exploring bougie into the guy’s intestinal tract only under general anesthesia. Otherwise, he suffered from terrible pain and vomiting. But now we have all medical tests, the results of the first medical examination and the first conclusions. Hungarian doctors made decision to provide Sashka with medical treatment. He’s got the right diagnosis. Preparation to the life-saving surgery was started. Sashka will be under medical supervision for 2-3 days and then…

We all pray for the Lord to hold the hands of the surgeons in His Hands. We pray for God to open the hearts of the people able to support Sasha’s medical treatment financially. We believe that you are with us in prayer. We thank you sincerely for that.
We remind you that you can donate for Sasha Gorvat’s medical treatment through web site. Sasha says that he feels fine, as usually. He smiles… He says hi to you. He says that he realizes in these days as never before that he is not an orphan. He has no father and mother… He has no family and relatives… But he is not alone in this world. He is not an orphan! Thank you all…

Gennady Novikov, press service of “Emmanuel” Association

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