This is intensive-care ward in clinic in Budapest. Sophiya Yonash was moved here from the operating room two hours ago. The girl is three years old. She is from Mukachevo. Sophiya was born with tumors in the intestine tract. It turned out that the doctors neither in Muckachevo nor in Uzhgorod or in Lviv and Kiev could help her…

Angel is standing near her crib.

– Open your eyes, Sophiyka, – he whispers softly. – Look at your mother… Smile to her… Let her not cry, because everything will be fine. The people in Ukraine continue to pray about you…The people in Hungary also pray about you now… The Lord hears the prayers… Wake up…

The little girl slowly opens her eyes. Her Mom is holding her hand and… still crying. She covers her mouth with her another hand to hide her groaning. It happens that people moan even from joy and relief as if in pain.


In a short time, Sofiyka asks for water. Then she eats just a little – two or three tablespoons. Then she asks her mother:
– Where’s my pottie?

Mother will turn her head to the doctor with a silent question in her eyes: is it good or not? Is it allowed or not?
– Of course, it is good, – the doctor calms her down. – It means all is fine with the functioning of her intestinal tract. Do not be afraid. Allow the girl to move slowly.

Her mother sends the message to Olga Pinke in Muckachevo in the evening. She is an employee of the Orphan’s Promise. She has been helping Yonash family together with all her team from Transcarpathia already for a year and a half. She searched the doctors able to help Sophiya in the best clinics of Ukraine and then in various cities of Hungary. She applied for help to all people she knew and to the people she didn’t met before till the day when she found only one surgeon in Budapest who said after difficult medical gross conference: “I agree to make these surgeries.”

Olga Pinke couldn’t help crying reading the text message. This little girl became close to her in these recent months. She called Olga Buznitskaya in Kiev at once.

– All is fine! Sofiya was already moved from intensive care unit to the regular ward!
– Praise the Lord! Thank you for this little kid! – She heard the answer from the receiver of the phone.
Then about the same words will sound in different rooms of our Kiev office. Someone will clap hands; someone will rush to give a hug… This is a great joy – to take someone close into your heart and then learn that all is fine and trouble is leaving.

The angel knows it all as he is out of time. He knows and continues to stand by Sophiya’s bed. One after another, he gathers our prayers and delivers them to the throne of God.

Sofiyka will get five more operations. She will handle it. The Lord keeps the surgeon’s hands in His hands. As long as there are people kneeling in prayer for the unfamiliar girl from Mukachevo…The disease won’t get victory as long as there are hearts ready to donate for the treatment and recovery of little Sophiya. The Lord takes away only when the people give up. He takes away only to give a hug and say: “You are not alone! I was and always will be with you…”

Sophiyka will come home in Mukachevo very soon. She will improve in health and return to Budapest again. OP employees will be with her all the way long. We believe that we part with Sophiya when she would walk along the streets of her native town Mukachevo with her Mom and Dad and will ask loudly one moment:
– I want pizza!
– With what?
– With meat! And with mushrooms! And with tomatoes and corn and cheese…
– So, what we are waiting for? – Mom and Dad will answer and turn to pizzeria.

Why not? What should they be afraid of if there are neither drops of blood nor clots or bloody pools in the girl’s potty for a long time? It has been and gone. It is over! The people prayed and helped… And God’s Angel was standing at the child’s crib…

Gennady Novikov, the press center of “Emmanuel” Association

If you want to join us in helping Yonash family, you can transfer financial support through web site or inform us of your desire to become a partner by phone 0800-50-77-50.

The tumors in Sophiya’s intestine tract are benign ones. They can and should be medically treated.