URGENT! The doctors in Budapest are ready to provide a surgery and medical treatment for Sasha Gorvat. Visa and travel documents are already formed. The car is waiting behind the windows of Mukachevo hospital. There are attendants with the papers verified in Hungarian Embassy. We even fixed everything at the border: they promised to let the car with critically ill patient go through the border without waiting in turn. The main delay is only with the money. We need to get 36522$. These are the days when each second falls down as a stone…


Sasha is looking into the lens of my camera and smiling with the same sincere and open smile. He has the same huge dark eyes. He says that all is ok and he has already got over the illness. He even gained 2 more kgs. But I know that Sasha was suffering severely from pain at night. Blood was dropping into his diaper all night long the way it didn’t for a long time. The guy was weakened so much that he sleeps in the woolen shirt in the warm hospital ward because he can’t get warmed under the blanket.
The doctor in Mukachevo clearly told us a few days ago:
– Take Sasha home… We can’t help him so it is senseless to keep him in the hospital…
It was terrible words. They sounded like death sentence. Only the doctors probably say such words because they see trouble and pain every day. But truth is better than ghost of hope. Truth gives strength and time to look for way out. Ghost of hope takes time and brings to nowhere. We thank the doctors from Mukachevo and Uzhgorod for all they’ve done for Sasha. They struggled! We also thank them for truth and each prompt about the places where Sasha could be helped. Hungarian doctors are ready to continue fighting. They are sure that there will be happy end. They have the most modern medical equipment, specialists and medicines we have not in Ukraine for that. But… will we be able to bring Sasha to Budapest?
Each second is falling as a stone… Will we be able to collect money? How quickly will we do that?
Gennadiy Novikov, press-service of “Emmanuel” Association

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