The Easter tour around the towns and villages in eastern Ukraine is over!

From April 30 until May 10, three concert teams performed Easter plays “Easter Treasure” for children and “Love Coming Down From Heaven” for adults.

6,547 children and about 3,000 adults in 33 towns of Donetsk and Lugansk regions and 2,200 children from 7 towns in the territory which is now not controlled by Ukraine participated in the performances. They watched the theatrical performance, sang along with the actors and heard the story of Jesus Christ’s Resurrection in a new way!

The children prayed to invite the Resurrected Jesus Christ into their lives.

The adults received the book by Joyce Mayer “Hear From God Every Morning”. Each person attending received invitations to Superbook Clubs, church services and prayer meetings at missionary centers.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the churches and volunteers who organized the performances, found the premises, invited the guests and made it possible in every single way! We are also thankful to the acting teams who prepared their programs, invested their time and creative efforts and implemented this grand project:
· Alexey Fenchencko and the center of mutual help «Save Ukraine»

· Natalya Zhukovskaya and the team of show-theatre «Emmanuel»,

· Olga Andrus and the team of «School of LIfe» project,

· Natalya Khomyak, the executive director of Orphans’ Promise, USA for her cooperation and finances for the sweet gifts

· The Bible League of Ukraine for the provided Children Bibles and the Joyce Mayer’s books

· The missionary movement “FrontLineHelp”

· To every person who prayed, supported and helped us and for you donations which made it possible to purchase sweet gifts for the children of the war zone.

Dear friends, we thank you so much for the Easter holiday which you arranged for the people in Eastern Ukraine. It was the time of joy, worship and fellowship with God and other people!!!

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