It’s hard to believe that this young and beautiful woman has seven children.

It’s hard to believe that it appeared that her husband and the father of her children doesn’t need her any more…

It’s hard to believe that some fathers just don’t care how their children are doing in the circumstances of war. It’s hard to believe, but it happens… especially in the time of war when the best and the worst human qualities appear on the surface.


But life goes on. Margarita is a Greek-Tatar. She is a real Mother. She is able to care for her children and give them a start into the future. She is ready to work day and night to do that. But it’s really difficult, now that she has lost everything – her husband, her house, her car and her business. She needs to start from the scratch at a new place. She really needs a mini-van – and she will be able to provide for her family.
I cry out to businessmen and caring people – if you have the desire in your heart to help Margarita and support this family, you can give them a mini-van (even if it’s old but functioning), or donate finance to purchase one, please, let us know!


We understand that the situation in our country is very difficult and there are thousands of people in need but we hope that there are people who understand that it’s better to support one person who will be able to provide for others than to help many who will be waiting for humanitarian aid for years.

Not everyone is able to run a business, but Margarita is. She has a needed experience and, most importantly, a desire to work!

You can help Margarita by donating at or by informing us about your desire to become our Partner by the phone 0800-50-77-50