Dear friends!
We have raised the needed amount for Evelina’s treatment. We thank everyone who answered this need. We will continue to inform you on the process of Evelina’s treatment.

Thousands of children are living on the front line in Ukraine. They are used to hearing the sounds of shellings and bullets. However, they still remain kids and they still love to run, jump and play with their favorite toys. Yet, there are children who are deprived of this simple child’s happiness.

Luganka is a village located on the front line. This 7-year-old girl Evelina together with her mother and two younger siblings has been escaping this terrible war for two years.

Evelina is a usual child but there is a real struggle in her life – she suffers from multiple renal gravels. She is not allowed to run with other kids, hold her little sister in her arms or eat what she wants. She can’t understand why she is deprived of the simple child’s happiness.
Evelina and her mother went to various clinics but the doctors’ prognosis is not promising – she needs an urgent and expensive surgery.

We need to raise 19,000 UAH ($760) to cover the expenses of additional medical examination, the surgery and post-surgical treatment.

Evelina’s mother who is raising three children on her own really wants to see her daughter healthy but she is not able to solve the daughter’s problem. With tears in her eyes she shared that she would give anything for the chance to relieve her daughter from the pain she has been feeling every day.

img_5597Together with Evelina’s mother we hope and pray that we will be able to find caring people who will help this little girl become a healthy and happy child.

You can help Evelina by making a donation . Let us know about your desire to become our Partner by calling 0800-50-77-50