Internally displaced persons residing in Kyiv and Kyiv region will be able to receive free medical aid at Medical Mobile Clinic in Kyiv since July 25 until August 31, 2017

The project is being implemented in the framework of the grant provided by «Pope for Ukraine» Initiative.

The Head of CBN-Emmanuel’s Social Projects Department, Galina Kucher, shares the details of this project: «A part of the grant received by CBN-Emmanuel from «Pope For Ukraine» Initiative will be allocated for this medical project aimed at providing free medical and dental services to internally displaced persons living in Kyiv and Kyiv region.  They will be able to receive this free medical help at the «Medical Mobile Clinic» by the end of August 2017. The provided free medical support includes diagnostics, treatment and free medicines, if needed».

The free medical care for IDPs provided at «Medical Mobile Clinic» includes:

  • Consultations by medical specialists
  • Instrumental and laboratory tests
  • Dental treatment (fillings)
  • Free medicines (if needed, according to the results of the tests)

Since July 25, 2017 the «Medical Mobile Clinic» started making appointments for the IDPs with the specialists of the clinic located in Kyiv at 1/22 Filatova St.

The team of doctors available for consultations on working days since 9 am until 7 pm includes doctors of the following specialties: therapist, endocrinologist, dermatologist, eye doctor, OB/gyn, surgeon and dentist.

The patients are thankful for this opportunity to receive medical help – many of them had not attended any doctor after their displacement.

Yelena is one of the IDP patients who came to the «Medical Mobile Clinic» for help. When the war started in eastern Ukraine, she and her family left her hometown Konstantinovka and moved to Vishneve town in the suburbs of Kyiv where they’ve been renting a small apartment. The woman heard about this possibility of free consultations from the social media. She called for an appointment and came to the clinic with her younger son Kirill.

«I really enjoyed the service at the clinic. It’s such a a wonderful opportunity to attend the health care specialists for free! Thank you for caring for us!»

Nina Ivanivna came to Kyiv from Luhansk three years ago and has been living in Kyiv with her daughter ever since then. Nina Ivanivna came to the clinic with her friend who had been in need of medical care for a long time but couldn’t afford it.

«The clinic is wonderful and the medical staff is highly qualified. We thank everyone who made this project possible. It’s very important for us», shared the women.

Details on this project:

The following categories of internally displaced persons can apply for help at «Medical Mobile Clinic»

  • Single persons over 60 years of age who live without children or grandchildren
  • Families with disabled persons
  • Large families
  • Single parent families who found themselves in grave life conditions (no income, grave diseases)
  • Families with no stable income

Documents to be provided at the registration:

  • Photocopy of passport
  • Photocopy of tax ID
  • Official confirmation of an internally displaced person

All patients must have all available medical documentation – medical records, results of previous medical tests or any other medical documents which can give the doctors more info about your health condition.