Summer is the time of rest and school vacation. Needless to say, that each child wants to spend this time in the most fun and careless way.

Where can a child living on front line receive more new impressions and fun than in a summer camp?

“Emmanuel” Association has been organizing Christian summer camps for children and teenagers of Donbass for the last three years – ever since the war broke out in eastern Ukraine. Children ministry is one of the highest priorities for Emmanuel Association.

We were able to invite even more children of Donbass to participate in our summer camps this year – thanks to the 500,000 EUR grant provided to Emmanuel by «Pope For Ukraine» Initiative we were able to organize the «Territory of Peace» summer camps.

It is planned that 18 shifts of day-time summer camps which will take place in Zolote, Vrubivka, Avdiyivka, Novgorodske, Lysychansk, Novoaydar, Severodonetsk, Talakovka, Myronivsky, Novoluhanske, Bakhmut and other towns and villages of eastern Ukraine. Over 2,000 children will be able to participate in these camps!

Also, by now the first 2 shifts of «Pilgrim» tent camp attended by 180 children are over.

«The Territory of Peace» camps will be taking place during the whole summer. The first two shifts already took place in Zolote,Vrubivka, Zalizne, Donske and Avdiyivka.



The emotions of children cannot be transferred in words! Each day at the camp was filled with fun program – Bible lessons, games, crafts, fellowship and making new friends!


The mentors at the camps pay much attention to personal fellowship with each child, which is very important! Prayer and support have brought peace to each child’s heart and helped him/her build relationship with the Lord!



Also, we have been paying much attention to children suffering from PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder).

We are greatly thankful to the Pope and Catholic Christian for their input in serving people living on the front line! We believe that this will bring much fruit in the life of each person participating in the relief projects!