Thanks to CBN-Emmanuel’s ongoing cooperation with the «Pope for Ukraine» Initiative, our teams in the field continued installing solid-fuel boilers for the villagers of Maryinka and Krasnohorivka.

Last year, Emmanuel Association received a grant from the «Pope For Ukraine» Initiative for purchase and installation of solid-fuel boilers in Maryinka and Krasnohorivka.

The villagers who had previously used all possible often hand-made devices for heating in their homes finally received a long-term solution.

By replacing the gas boilers for solid-fuel ones we are making an investment for another 10-15 years! Our beneficiaries can be back to «human life» moving back to their homes from basements, cookhouses and barns where they had previously stayed. Besides, the houses stop being destroyed in the freezing weather. It’s a real progress, even though someone may think it’s not that big», – shares Galina Kucher, the head of CBN-Emmanuel’s Humanitarian and Disaster Relief Department.

In July, our cooperation with the «Pope for Ukraine» Initiative has continued when Emmanuel receive a large grant amounting to 500,000 EUR for helping war-affected population of Donbass. 150,000 EUR of that amount will be allocated for purchase of 463 solid-fuel boilers.

“There has been no gas supply in Maryinka and Krasnohorivka for the last three years. People used all possible options for warming up in winter. Some of them had to live by wood-burning stoves. Now that we have received the grant from the «Pope for Ukraine» Initiative, we have this opportunity to replace the gas boilers for the solid-fuel ones. 1410 families will be able to live in warm homes», – Galina shared at the press conference with UNIAN Ukrainian News Agency.

Dmitry Mishenin, the Field Officer responsible for construction and heating projects, shared the details of project implementation: “At the moment, we have delivered 300 boilers to people’s homes in Maryinka; 120 of them have already been installed. We continue delivering the boilers to our beneficiaries in Krasnohorivka. We will finish installing the boilers in Maryinka by the end of the month and will start replacing the boilers in Krasnohorivka».

We express our sincere gratitude to the Pope Francis and Catholic Christians for their unmatched contribution into our ministry to the locals of Donbass. We believe that this cooperation will bring an abundant fruit in the lives of each Partner participating in out relief projects!