When the war started, Anya and her children had to leave her shell-damaged apartment in Luhansk region and move to her older sister’s place in the town of Bakhmut, 150 km away from home.

Anya’s parents died when the girl was 12 and her older sister Tonya undertook guardianship over her minor sisters.  When Anya got married, she moved to another town but the war brought the sisters back together.

Anya with her children and her younger sister Yana live with the older sister’s relatives. The house where they live has no gas or water supply. The girls have to go outside to get water. When they cook, they have to use an old electric hot plate. Their dream has always been to be able to buy a two-burner stove and a washing machine.

Not so long ago, Anya experienced just another shock. Her little son David poured a cup of boiled water over himself and had a grave burn of his arm. Anya called the ambulance and she and her baby were taken to the nearest hospital in Kramatorsk (55 km away from Bakhmut). Anya took all of her savings with her (about $50).

At the hospital, David had a minor surgery to remove the damaged skin and to cover the wound with artificial skin.

Thankfully, the boy’s only burned area was his arm and his treatment was not too expensive (only about $100) but Anya wouldn’t be able to afford even this amount of money.  Fortunately, when David came to the hospital, Emmanuel’s personnel was there trying to sort out issues of repair and modernization of the Burns Department (Emmanuel had previously provided new hospital beds, repaired two children rooms and the intensive care room in the Burns Department).

David was just the second patient of the newly remodeled hospital room with nice pictures on the walls and comfortable beds. This positive atmosphere in the hospital was a total surprise for Anya and her son.

When Emmanuel’s staff learned that Anya was a single mother and a war refugee, they decided to cover all of her son’s treatment expenses in full.

Thank you so much for helping us with the medicines! I look at my son and I rejoice that everything worked out so well for him in our terrible situation. He is getting better and is arm is OK», – shared Anya.

Besides, the Emmanuel’s staff cared for the family even more. Having heard about Anya’s household needs, they provided a washing machine and an oven for her family. These appliances will not only make Anya’s life easier but also give her more possibilities to spend time with the children. And, of course, there will be less chances to get another burn –  Anya had to boil water in a bucket and carry it into the house to do laundry.

I’d like to thank you for the washing machine and for the electric stove. You made my life much easier! It takes me much less time to cook and do laundry. Thank you so much!»

We’d like to remind you that Emmanuel continues helping people living in eastern Ukraine. You can bring warm clothes and food products and leave them with our guards at 131-A Krasnoarmeyskaya St. in Kyiv.