Alla Kulikova is an internally displaced person who had to leave her home town of Donetsk due to occupation by pro-Russian forces.

Alla used to work as a teacher of an elite school of Donetsk with a good salary and many opportunities, including buying a good apartment in the downtown of Donetsk. This life would have been a dream for every middle-class person. Unfortunately, nobody’s plans are beyond the destructive power of war which demolishes people’s fates – no matter if you are poor or rich, successful or not,  healthy or ill.

Alla and her family have lost their home in Donetsk and for the last several years have been wondering in the small town of Slavyansk controlled by the Ukrainian government. The apartment they rent now is already the 7th since they first left Donetsk.

Luckily enough, Alla is not alone in her trials -she has a daughter and two grandsons. Her daughter Olga is taking care of her son with autism and is not able to work, which makes Alla the only provider for the whole family.  Her teacher’s salary in Slavyansk is not enough to cover all needs of children and adults. Thankfully enough, this internally displaced family has repeatedly received food bags from CBN-Emmanuel which helps them survive in these difficult times.

Alla attends the local evangelistic church in Slavyansk and is very grateful that through the church she was able to meet the caring Emmanuel’s team.

This time, Emmanuel was able to help even more people – with the support of Joyce Mayer Ministry, 400 additional food bags were distributed in June among among the most vulnerable families living in war-affected eastern Ukraine whose lives have become even more difficult due to COVID-19 quarantine. With the physical food, Alla also received a Christian book by Joyce Mayer, which was a great gift for her. 

I am so thankful to everyone who has made this valuable contribution to our lives. We all are strangers here and it’s very hard for displaced persons to survive on our own… I am grateful to “Joyce Mayer Ministry” and all Christians who are giving us this precious feeling that we are not alone”, Alla thanked.

Anna Chaban, “CBN-Ukraine”