66-year-old Tetyana Olexandrovna from the frontline town of Maryinka says that her life is already in the past – before the times when the war came to her home town back in 2014.

At the same time, it is obvious Tetyana is still active and full of life – she still helps her children and grandchildren and looks after the garden despite of regular shelling.

Tetyana’s house is located in the middle, right between positions of two warrying parties – at the edge of her garden you can see the flags of pro-Russian invaders, whereas you can see positions of the Ukrainian army from her front yard.

As the woman meets us by the door, she starts telling us about the cold spring and how the vegetables wouldn’t grow normally due to cold temperatures and rains. “I am very glad that reddish yielded crop several times this years and the salad leaves grow very fast”.

CBN-Emmanuel’s team came to visit Tetyana as part of the “SEED” (Something to Eat Every Day”) project that this year was implemented in partnership with the Dutch organization ORA. In early string we have distributed vegetable seeds and now came to visit some beneficiary families and see how they are doing.

As we were entering her garden, Tetyana asked us to hide the professional camera and use the phone to take pictures due to security reasons – the pro-Russian forces are located very close. The windows in their house were broken with shells several times. Tetyana shares that they had to replace the windows so many times that they gave up and installed plywood sheets instead.

It is unbearable to live between the two opposing forces! Our only desire is to be able to sleep in silence and not be afraid that morning may never come! But we have nowhere to go, so we are forced to endure this rumble and shelling! We are very grateful to Emmanuel Association – you are one of the few organizations who do not leave our large family in this military zone on our own!

Very few organizations are able to reach us here – many of them are just afraid to come to the red zone. And you have brought us so much assistance – the seeds and now the food. After all, my two daughters and three granddaughters live with me. Because we all stick together, it is not so scary to live at war. May God bless you!”

Thanks to the support provided by Dutch organization ORA, the Momot family will be able to provide themselves with fresh vegetables and herbs all summer, autumn and make a reserve of conservation for the winter!

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By: Anna Chaban