Thanks to your unwavering support, we have been able to provide the most vulnerable people in eastern Ukraine with food.

For many of them, this support is life-saving – after the 6 years of war, the COVID-19 quarantine measures have become an additional burden.

35-year-old Olga Minaeva lives in the frontline village of Dachnoe in war-affected eastern Ukraine. She  is a single mother of 4 children aged 4 to 13.

The only source of their income is Olga’s minimal salary that she receives from working in a car wash and small allowance for children that she receives from the government.

For a whole year the family has been surviving without electricity supply. Because of lack of finances Olga wasn’t able to pay all of the bills on time and the local authorities cut them off the power supply. With the house is darkness, it is impossible to use an electric furnace, a refrigerator and other electrical appliances. Needless to say, the situation of living at war and dire need only aggravated with the introduction of COVID-19 quarantine measures.

Thankfully,  there were Christians in her village who helped Sveta see that there is still hope, no matter how desperate her situation is. Not long ago, Olga met Sveta Sergiyenko, the local missionary, who, together with her husband, started a small church in the village. Sveta invited Olga to the church with her children, helped her get a job, and now she brought Operation Blessing’s  team with the food bag to her home. 

 “I am very grateful to the Christian Sveta for all the help and support she provided to me! I am grateful to your organization for the food products and hygiene kits! After coming to Jesus and to the church, I realized that I am not alone in this world! ” – Olga told us.

We are happy to see the improvements in people’s lives that come about thanks to the influence of the Gospel and the hope that we are bringing them alongside with the basic food for their bodies.

Jesus is the only Way. Thankfully, people who are living at war, are able to understand that sooner or later and their thinking and lives are being changed.

We want to continue our efforts in helping people with food and sharing the Gospel with the lonely and the needy and we need your support to be able to do that.

You can sign up for a monthly or one-time donation here: .

The cost of one food set is between $10-15. You can become a regular sponsor for one or several families.

Thank you for not being indifferent!

Anna Chaban, CBN-Ukraine