This spring our team has conducted training seminars for missionaries who work with children . The trainings covered special Christian programs designed for working with children – “Superbook Club”, “Life Skills” and “The Great Adventure”. The missionaries were taught how to wisely and effectively organize Christian day-camps for kids in the East of Ukraine.

Children living in the east of Ukraine are special. They are so open for communication and they are always the first visitors of our front-line Missionary Centers. Summer camps are a great possibility to develop relationships with the children and their parents, to direct their energy into positive games and activities and helping them to get to know God.

Moreover, children will be busy with these activities and will have no time for playing in the woods and at the ruins looking for shells. It means that many children’s lives will not be threatened.

During the summer, 5-days summer camps for children of eastern Ukraine will be held in the framework of FrontLineHelp Project . In June such camps took place in the towns of Zolotoye, Popasna, Bakhmut, Severodonetsk and Pervomaysk.


Missionary Vitaly Medvedev shares his feelings after participating in one of the 5-day summer camps held in the town of Zolotoye, Luhansk region:  “What happened in these five days? There was a lot of joy and fun, and all kinds of positive emotions – despite of all negative circumstances! We did it despite of war and in opposition to the pessimism, bitterness and moral weariness of all locals here. The children were running around with flags and laughing, and by doing that they would ruin the mentality of people who thought that nothing could be changed.

I had a small interview with several kids. They are all thrilled! One of them said, “A couple of years ago they took us to a summer camp in Odessa, but it’s much better here!”. I asked them a couple of questions about God and they answered me with all honesty. Two of them believe in God. One boy said that God is his Father and Comforter. Another guy said that God is something vague for him,but he believes deep in his heart. I also asked them a tricky question about the camp: “Why do children need this kind of camps? Couldn’t you just play and have fun outside by yourself?” All three of them replied that they do need these camps because of a special atmosphere and new friends.

From my own understanding, I also believe that these camps are a distraction from all negative experiences of war. Yesterday I saw a child who would sit on the sidelines and was not open for communication. But today he was running around with other children and even received a demerit point!

It was a real honor for me to participate in this wonderful camp for alongside with a team of God’s children! We are entering the places of pain to bring joy and proclaim God’s love to people, and, when possible, we try to rebuild what has been broken. Together we can make a difference! It is quite possible!

We will have a lot of time with children in the East of Ukraine! With joy we will share with you all news and God’s miracles from kids’ playgrounds of front-line cities.



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