On July 1-3, our team went on a medical outreach to the town of Artyomovo (within 3 km to Gorlovka), Ukraine. The mission was aimed at providing free medical help to the people living on the front-lines on military conflict in eastern Ukraine.

The outreach team consisted of 20 doctors of Medical Mobile Clinic, a group from “School of Life” project who organized fun activities for children and representatives of Great Commission Ministry and Convoy of Hope who worked as counselors.

«For over 10 years we have been providing medical aid to the people of Ukraine. Before the military conflict started in eastern Ukraine we would go to remote towns and villages where there was no available medical care. But when the calamities hit eastern Ukraine, we came to the conclusion that our work is more needed here. This is why we use the summer period to provide medical care to the people living in the military conflict zone», shares Galina Kucher, the director of «Medical Mobile Clinic» and the head of Emmanuel’s Social Project Department.

«During the medical outreach in Artyomovo, some locals were coming to us from the other side of Ukraine’s outer check-point. They live in those remote places where no ambulance can come. We provided medical care to them and they said, “You are real heroes because you came here”. But we don’t think we are; if there are people who are still living there, then they have the right for medical care. They have the right for a good word, compassion and attention. That’s why I say that by coming here we proclaim peace to this land

There were some people who were not able to come to the clinic on their own. In such cases the doctors of «Medical Mobile Clinic» would visit patients at home.

84-year-old lady Katya was able to walk to the clinic by herself. She already experienced two wars in her life. During the first war she was digging tranches for soldiers. This time she experienced 5 shellings close to «Yuzhnaya» mine. The roof of her house was damaged but some Christians helped her fix it. Missionaries are brining her food products and medicines. Because of shell-shock she became blind and deaf.  We gave the lady the medicines she needed and prayed for her. «God cares for me and sends good people on my way», says the old lady.

There were also many young people who came to see the doctors. One young girl attracted our attention. She looked like a teenager but was holding… a baby-girl in her arms. We came up to the girl to get to know her better.

Yulia is an orphan from Artyomovo, a young mother of 2-months-old Alina. Without the needed documents Yulia is not able to escape from the dangerous territory. Yulia and her husband rent a room from an old lady. They don’t receive any social payments. Yulia’s husband has some random jobs but his income is too small to provide for the family. Yulia’s breast milk is gone and she has to buy baby formula for her daughter. Doctor Tatyana looked at the girl and concluded that she is healthy but her weight is too small and she needs to receive more food. While Yulia was at the doctor’s office we went shopping and purchased 4-5 months stock of baby formula and diapers.

In three days, the team of «Medical Mobile Clinic» was able to consult 599 people! The locals of Artyomovo were deeply touched with attentive and caring attitude of the doctors. As they were talking to the doctors, many people complained that they feel left and forgotten. It was hard for many to believe that the consultations and the medicines (with glasses) were free. People were so happy to receive free consultations and medicines and they thanked the medical staff!

The three days of the medical outreach went by very fast. We thank the doctors of «Medical Mobile Clinic» and the ministers from our Partner organizations, Great Commission Ministry and Convoy of Hope, as well as our brothers from the Good News Church, Olga Andrus and the «School of Life» project for their ministry during this medical outreach!

We thank everyone for praying for this medical outreach!

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