We got to know Irina from Svetlodarsk, Donetsk region, and her daughter Liza during Easter celebrations this spring. Irina has been fighting her right lung cancer. Looking for help and support Irina came to our missionary center.

Thanks to the support by caring people we were able to raise $280 (7000 UAH) for Irina to help her pay for her 4th course of chemotherapy.

Irina takes the treatment very well, in spite of very hot weather. The woman is looking forward to a short break in her treatment to be able to spend time with her daughter Liza who is staying with Irina’s aunt-cousin.

«It’s been a very hard period of my life but I have met so many caring and kind people who are ready to help! I have never noticed anything like that before… All these people and their attitude are helping me to keep strong and to look into the future with hope. Of course, my little daughter is supporting me too and she believes that everything will be all right”,  Ira shares. 

After a 2-week break Irina will undergo a check-up and the doctors will be taking a decision on her further treatment based on the results. 

We thank everyone who has been praying, supporting and helping Irina to go through all these difficulties. We will keep you updated on the news about Irina’s health.

You can make a donation for Irina’s treatment here