CBN-Emmanuel and its Partner organizations have been supporting hospitals in Kramatorsk for the last two years.

Galina Kucher, Director of CBN-Emmanuel’s Social Projects shares, “Each time I visit the Burns Department of Kramatorsk local hospital, I come across patients who share their stories with me. Every time I go there, I hear from them that this hospital has the best doctors and nurses.

And you really feel like helping these kind of people. Two years ago we had a dream – to turn this Burns Department into the best one in the region; equip it with the best medical appliances and repair it. And we have been moving into this direction ever since….”

We delivered another load with medical equipment to Kramatorsk hospitals this week. The burns department of Kramatorsk hospital №3 received medical furniture and hygienic supplies. We also delivered a very expensive piece of equipment to Kramatorsk Dental hospital №1 – Orthopantomograph. Orthopantomography is a new method of X-ray diagnostics allowing to make a panoramic shot of teeth. They never had this kind of equipment anywhere close.
13482829_1094457760627900_3437008633917017216_o-1024x768We invited specialists from Kiev who helped in starting and launching the machine. They trained and equipped the local personnel in using it. The doctors who will be using this equipment shared their words of gratitude saying that this kind of support is very important for the front-line towns in eastern Ukraine.

We express our gratitude to the Nehemiah mission and the “Good News” Church for helping and delivering the medical equipment to the recipients!

We remind you that Emmanuel Association continues helping the people in the south-east of Ukraine. You can make a donation via our web-site  or let us know about your desire to become our Partner by calling the number 0800-50-77-50.