We are sending you greetings from Sasha Gorvat. He is now in Holland. After his successful surgery in Hungary he spent only 2 days in intensive care instead of usual 5 days. With God’s help he has been recovering very fast!

When Sasha was discharged from the hospital, a young couple of his friends, Afina and Claus from Holland, took him to their house for the recovery period. This family has been friends with the Roman guy since he was 14 and stayed in an orphanage and have known him for many years. Now this family cares for Sasha and covers all of his medical expenses and procedures. Every Sunday Sasha goes to church with his friends and their 4 children.

He is gaining his weight back and he has already gained 7 kilos. In 6 weeks he will return to Mukachevo where he will continue serving as a part of “School of Life” project. He will continue living at the Adaptation Center for Roman kids. It is very important for Sasha to be cared for by his loving friends. The “School of Life” project will be helping Sasha and he will be able to do what he really wants to – to serve the Roman children and orphans. Sasha still has an open wound in his stomach (about 0.5 inch wide) but he is still waiting for miracles of God in his life and he is very grateful for the new chance of life!

We remind you that Sasha had Crohn’s disease – a condition when the body rejects its own bowels. Without a timely surgery, the guy would only have between several weeks and 6 months of life…

Today Sasha is recovering. He misses his ministry to Roman children and he wants to return to work and feed the children at the camps with tasty foods cooked with love. He studies English and the Dutch and learns how to use skype because he really wants to say “thank you” to his old and new friends in Ukraine, USA and many other countries. As an orphan, Sasha had never imagine how big of a family he had in God!

We thank you for your prayers, generous hands and big hearts!

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