On June 1 the whole world celebrates the International Children’s Day. Every child wants to have a peaceful and happy childhood. Unfortunately, the situation in the east of Ukraine is opposite. The increasing number of children are suffering from the military conflict in Donbass. «Protect us from this war» – the children ask with tears in their eyes. Often, we as adults don’t know how to answer this appeal.

By organizing the celebration activities in eastern Ukraine, we tried to give some joy to the children living on the front-lines and distract them from the realities of war. In some of the front-line towns the celebrations were accompanied with the sounds of ongoing fire.
In Krasnogorovka, Donetsk region, the locals could hear «the banging sounds» for the whole night. In the morning, many children were gathered in the premises of the sport complex where some of the windows are covered with wooden screens and some are completely broken.

The audience was happy to greet the renown Ukrainian singer Lubov Dorozhchenko. They could really feel the atmosphere of celebration!
Georgiyevka village is located within 1 km to the front-line. During the whole time of celebration activities, we could hear the sounds of explosions. The children who came to celebrate with us were so involved in the activities that they could forget about war for a couple of hours at least.

In the four days (between June 1 to June 4) our team was able to celebrate the Children’s Day with 3000 children living in Konstantinovka, Krasnogorovka, Antonovka, Mironovksy, Avdeyevka, Ukrainsk and other front-line towns and villages. The children danced, had pavement drawings competitions and were simply happy! And, of course, each child received a present from Orphan’s Promise Ukraine!

We are thankful to all of the volunteers who participated in giving joy to the children in eastern Ukraine! We are thankful to Orphan’s Promise Ukraine for the provided presents!
We continue praying for peace in Ukraine hoping that we won’t have to ask to protect them from war!
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