Before the war started in Ukraine, Margarita used to own a small business, a big house and a wonderful family. Unfortunately, the war has changed everything in her life…

Her husband found a new family, her house was destroyed with a shell and she lost her small business due to war. Margarita had to escape from Donetsk with her seven children going nowhere. Luckily enough, the family was able to find a shelter in the town of Kurakhovo, Donetsk region.

Margarita found herself a stranger in a new town, a single mother of seven children to care for… Despite of her desperate condition, Margarita was determined not to lose faith and she was trying to find a solution asking God for help.

We met Margarita here in Kurakhovo. Margarita is wonderful mother. Her children are well cared for. Besides being a wonderful mother Margarita is a hard worker. She is not afraid of any work and she knows how to start a new business. The woman is ready to work 24/7 but the only thing she was missing to start a small vegetable shop was a car for transporting vegetables.

Buying a car for Margarita was something like buying a fishing rod for a fisherman. You need to buy one and the family will never be hungry again. We applied for help to all our friends and partners. Praise the Lord, many answered the need and donated money. We were able to raise $1612.

The money was used to purchase a used “Zhiguli” car with a spacious rare compartment. On August 26, Galina Kucher (Humanitarian and Disaster Relief Coordinator in eastern Ukraine) gave Margarita and her children the keys to the new car.

Now we know for sure that Margarita won’t have to wait in lines to receive some humanitarian relief just to survive!

We thank everyone who participated in the life of Margarita and her children!

Dear friends, if you would like to continue helping people in need, you can make adonation via our web-site or let us know about your desire to become our partner by calling us 0-800- 50-77- 50.