We are sending our best wishes to the pupils and their parents to the Knowledge Day and wishing you peaceful and happy school year! It’s the second time that we are doing our «Back to School» project» aimed at helping pupils for large families. For many, this help was very significant since it cost a lot of money to prepare a child for school.

We gave out 122 backpack with all needed stationery for school this year. 82 backpacks were prepared due to the support of our Partners and 40 more backpacks were donated by the Kyiv Hillsong Church.

40 backpacks with stationery were mailed to the children from internally displaced families now living in the city of Zaporozhye. In Zaropozhye, the local evangelic church gathered the kids right before the beginning of a new school year. They didn’t just present the backpacks but also arranged a special “Get the Knowledge” event. Children and their parents were happy to participate in the celebration.

Missionary Maxim Below shares his impression after the event in Zaporozhye: “Right before the start of a new school year we had a chance to implement this wonderful project. We wanted the boys and the girls to spend a fun time, hear some Bible stories and show their talents in workshops. The Lord has blessed this ministry through CBN-Emmanuel. They helped us arrange a real celebration for the first graders. We want to thank all of the donors who donated via web-site. 40 first-graders from IDP families received wonderful backpacks with stationery for school. Their excitement and smiles were the biggest gratitude for the provided help. Dear friends, thank you for participating in this project with us! May the Lord bless you and give you back in with His abundant blessings!”.

Missionary Tasha Schegliuk told us how the children from the front-line town of Zheleznoye received their long-awaited gifts: “We presented the backpacks from CBN-Emmanuel to the children waiting for their first First Bell at school. Most of them are from single-mother families or large families.

Just one example from life. We combined our efforts to prepare three kids of one family for school. Katya, Yarick and Kristina have been looking at other kids who were preparing for school for the whole summer boasting with their school things purchased by their parents. These three children knew that their single mother of five kids would never be able to buy all the school stuff even for one of them. The children complained that the mother was drinking but they still loved her. Many times Katya would come to us and cry telling about this.

The only thing we could tell her at the moment was “Ask God. He has everything you need!” Now we can see how God answers the children’s prayers”.

Children from the towns of Zaitsevo, Bakhmut, Avdeyevka, Maryinka, Popasna, Kirovo, Artyomovo, Zaporozhye and Starokonstantinovka received their gifts for school.

Galina Kucher, CBN-Emmanuel Humanitarian and Disaster Relief Coordinator in Eastern Ukraine, shares about the results of this project:

«We are thankful to God for this privilege to serve the children living in the military conflict zone via summer camps this summer. Before the start of a new school year we decided to bless the kids who spent this summer with us. There came the day when the dreams of some of these kids came true. Someone may ask, “What are those dreams? Backpacks, pencils and copybooks? Could those be real dreams?” Unfortunately, for many children and their families the beginning of a new school year is a real trial. People have no money, the prices are unbelievably high and the cost of preparing one pupil for school is more than several salaries. What should do the families having more than one kid? We have solved this problem for them!

 Moments like these are especially important for children. A backpack full of stuff or a pair of shoes is not what matters for them. What really matters is the fact that the Lord cares for them! It may seem so simple but there was a long chain of people participating in the process. Each one of them heard a call in their hearts and didn’t turn way, didn’t close their hearts but shared what they had with the needy”.

 We want to thank everyone who cared enough to open their hearts to help the children living in the military conflict zone in eastern Ukraine!


Dear friends, you want to join us in helping those in need, you can make a donation via our web-site  or let us know about your desire to become our Partners by calling 0-800-50-77-50.