How can you explain to your deaf autistic spectrum child that there is nothing to eat for today? How can you explain to your sons that there is an enemy in your home town and it’s dangerous to walk in the streets?

These questions were faced by Genady and Anna’ Hvozd family. When the military vehicles started coming into their home town of Alchevsk, Luhansk region, and lawlessness continued to increase in the area,  the spouses knew that it was time to pack their belongings.  The pro-Ukrainian family didn’t want to say in the “Russian world”. They only question they had was – where to go?

Luckily, some of their Christian friends invited the family to stay with them in the town of Truskavets for a while. The family stayed there for 1.5 months and left for Kyiv afterwards. Some time later, the Lord gave them an opportunity to rent an apartment. Needless to say that all of them miss their home. At the moment, Anna’s parents live there in their house in Luhansk region. On the day when they left their home, they only took with them one suitcase with things, a bag with children’s toys and a musical instrument which helps them in serving God.  The family regularly attends the local church. The move did not affect their love for the Lord and they found a church family in Kyiv. They love their new home city very much and their life is almost settled now.

In addition to his musical ministry, Gennady sells some goods over the Internet. Anna graduated from the Ukrainian Evangelical Theological Seminary with a degree in psychology and is now trying to put her knowledge to practice – she works with children at a private church school.

The couple has three sons. 14-year-old Hlib, 9-year old Ivan  and the youngest son Ihor. Unfortunately, Ihor cannot enjoy his life to the full due to his autistic spectrum disorder. He had four brain surgeries and the couple believes that due to a medical mistake in course of one of the surgeries, the boy lost his ability to hear. The parents use some sign language for communication with little Ihor. Anna has no chance to work full-time because she has to take care of her son. Her only income comes from working with children as a psychologist several hours a week.

He family heard about the medical project organized by “Pope for Ukraine” Initiative at their church. “It was a great blessing for us, because cannot afford to pay for the treatment  of three children and two adults,” Anna says. The woman has already finished her dental treatment and had a consultation with other doctors she needed. Gennady’s situation was more difficult because the condition of his teeth was much worse than Anna’s. However, real miracles can be performed by highly professional doctors. Now, the parents plan to start the dental treatment for their sons.

The family is grateful to the “Pope for Ukraine” Initiative for this opportunity to smile again!