A delegation of 140 priests and vicarians headed by Archbishop of Milan, Archdiocese Mario Delpini, Apostolic Nuncio to Ukraine, Archbishop Claudio Gugerotti and the Head of the Technical Secretariat of “Pope for Ukraine” Initiative, Bishop Eduard Kava, gathered at CBN-Emmanuel’s premises to discuss finalization of numerous “Pope for Ukraine” projects aimed at providing vital relief to thousands conflict-affected people in eastern Ukraine.

The meeting was began by Bishop Eduard Kava, the Head of the Technical Secretariat of “Pope for Ukraine” emphasized that Initiative was the answer on people’s suffering.

The Apostolic Nuncio to Ukraine, Claudio Gugerotti, emphasized that it was Pope Francis’  personal initiative to provide timely assistance to the victims of military actions.

The guests from Catholic churches had a chance to hear about projects implemented by CBN-Emmanuel. The projects were presented by Galina Kucher, the head CBN-Emmanuel’s Social Projects Department.

“Since the beginning of the military conflict, CBN-Emmanuel has been involved in numerous relief projects in its effort to help conflict-affected people in the east of Ukraine. Last year has been the most powerful in this sense”, said Galina Kucher.

The best way to understand the situation and feel the pain of people has always been the personal contact. The people who had received help and whose lives had changed due to the implemented project, were invited to the meeting. The attending guests were able to hear the words of gratitude from the Gradobryansky family (in the framework of a relief project, a solid fuel boiler was installed in their house and the roof was repaired). Natalia Omelchenko and Lucy Mizenko shared their words of gratitude for the life-saving surgeries they were able to have in the framework of the medical project.

On photo: Lucy Mizenko

Two years ago, Pope Francis called the Catholic parishes around the world to help victims of hostilities in Donbass (eastern Ukraine). As a result, about 16 million EUR were raised; 5 million of them were donated by Pope Francis from his own personal fund. Christians from the Archdiocese of Milan became the project’s greatest donors. “Pope for Ukraine” Initiative has not only become a response to the needs of people in the conflict-affected eastern Ukraine, but also created a bridge uniting various humanitarian organizations and Christian denominations in helping those in need.

For over two years now, various relief project have been under way and are at the completion stage now. Mostly, these were short-term projects aimed at answering basic human needs (food, heat, medicines and other essential items). Also, there were long-term projects which will affect people’s life for many years to come –  repairs of houses, schools, hospitals and kindergartens.

CBN-Emmanuel, as one of the largest executive partners of “Pope for Ukraine” Initiative has implemented several multi-purpose assistance projects in the east of Ukraine, as well as a medical project for internally displaced persons in the city of Kyiv.

We sincerely thank Pope Francis, Catholic priests and bishops for their open hearts for the Ukrainian people! This invaluable help is a great example of God’s love and affection!