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Olga Romanchuck has been living in Lisichansk for the last 24 years. She is a single mother of four children. Olga is an “orphan” whose parents are still alive. The girl’s mother has been living in another country for the last couple of years and Olga can hardly remember her Dad.

In summer 2017, Olga brought her oldest son Roman to the summer camp for kids organized with support of “Pope for Ukraine” Initiative. This is how we met this young family. The young mother shared her life story with the missionaries – the story filled with vulnerability and moral courage, despair and a hope for a better future at the same time.

At her 24 years of age, Olga has already experienced many hardship – a divorce with her husband, the war and being left alone with her 4 children to take of. The family’s monthly income amounts to about $30 of child allowance and some unstable income from random jobs Olga has been taking to provide for the family.   

Recently, the Ukrainian government provided free housing for Olga and her children. The apartment is in an emergency condition, however, it was the best available option. The floors in the apartment are rotten away from dampness, there is a crack on the walls and there is no heating in the apartment.

Olga realizes that with such living conditions, social services could take her children to a boarding school. She also knows from her own experience what living in a boarding school can look like –  she had spent 5 years in such institutions as a child. The young mother believes that her children will have a better future! She will do her best to ensure that her children live in normal conditions and are not deprived of anything…

Olga has been trying to repair the apartment on her own – she is a painter and plasterer by profession and can fix something herself. Olga loves drawing and she has covered up the dirty walls with her vivid drawings to give them a beautiful look. However, despite of all her efforts, she can’t finish the repairs by herself.

Dear friends, we can not ignore this story! God has given us a chance to meet this young girl and a mother so that we could show her God’s love and care. The cost of repairing the current apartment exceeds the cost of buying a good apartment with normal living conditions for the children.

We found a well-repaired apartment in Lisichansk costing 120,000 UAH (around $4500). We invite you to join the help for Olya Romanchuk and her children!

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Total amount: 4500 $