As she was leaving her home town of Makeyevka, Marina (her name is changed) was in her late months of pregnancy.

Even before that, a couple of months before the war started, Marina had lost one of the dearest persons in her life – her grandmother.

«The most terrible thing is when a loved person is dying in front of you and you can’t help her”,  – Marina shares with tears in her eyes.

Marina’s life in Kyiv as an internally displaced single mother was not easy at all.  When giving birth to her baby, Marina received a serious delivery trauma which wouldn’t let her live a “normal” life.  Marina’s first surgery instead of fixing the problem only made it even more serious. Marina became  afraid of doctors and she couldn’t trust people any more. Grief, pain and and disbelief made this young mother feel hopeless and bitter.

One day, as Marina was scrolling down her social media, she read about the Medical outreach organized by Emmanuel in partnership with “Pope for Ukraine” Initiative. According to the terms of projects, any person who is internally displaced from Donetsk or Luhansk regions, could receive free medical aid and medicines at “Medical Mobile Clinic” in Kyiv.

Marina who had been suffering from the delivery trauma for the last couple of years,  decided to use this opportunity for free medial care. The woman came to the clinic with her baby daughter. The doctors of “Medical Mobile Clinic” paid sincere attention to Marina’s problems. The woman was very vulnerable and she kept asking questions about her health.  She was able to build trust with the clinic’s personnel and tell them about her troubles and worries.

Just in two weeks after her initial screening (consultations by therapist and gastroenterologist, all needed tests) Marina was referred to the “Inb Sina” clinic which provides the whole complex of diagnostic, surgical and rehabilitation services.

In this hospital Marina had the needed surgery which completely removed her problem.

«Marina is a tender and kind girl who has experienced many difficulties in her life.  Her health problem was very serious and delicate. Not only did it cause serious health problems but also it could lead to an infection. Now that we have removed the problem,  Marina can have a normal life and take care of her daughter”, said Olena Stepanivna, Marina’s doctor at “Ibn Sina” clinic. 

«They were so kind to me. It’s so important and rare these days… The organizers of the project thought everything through and we as patients receive the medical services of the best possible quality!  The doctors of “Medical Mobile Clinic” and “Ibn Sina” Medical center cared about all of my fears and worries. I was so much afraid but they explained me everything. I want to thank everyone who helped organize this project. I am thankful to “Emmanuel” Association and “Pope for Ukraine” Initiative. I also want to thank everyone who has been praying for me. God answered all of your prayers!”, -said Marina. 

Note: Marina’s picture is not included for ethical reasons.

We are grateful to Pope Francis and all caring Catholic Christians who answered his call to help the conflict-affected people in Eastern Ukraine!