We thank the Lord for each person representing Emmanuel Association and Pope for Ukraine Initiative!

May the Lord bless you in each of your efforts and projects. We received some real help here and it was just another testimony from God showing that He has always been protecting our family. We would never make it without God’s and your help and we can’t even imagine what could have happened to our father who is the only provider in the family»

It’s only one of the many notes of gratitude that you could read when visiting «Medical Mobile Clinic» in Kyiv. A very important joint project of «Emmanuel» Association and «Pope for Ukraine» Initiative has been implemented here since July 25. In the framework of this project, internally displaced people were able to receive free health care services at «Medical Mobile Clinic» – consultations by various medical specialist, lab tests, dental services and free medicines (if needed).

Since the launch of the project in July, 394 patients including 76 children were able to attend the clinic.

«After the start of the project we were able to see that there is a great need in medical services among the internally displaced people of Ukraine who had to leave their homes due to war. Our patients are so impresses and excited with the quality of the provided help and the attitude of our medical staff that they keep inviting their friends or other people who found themselves in the same difficult  situation, – shares Galina Kucher, CBN-Emmanuels Director of Humanitarian and Disaster Relief Projects.

“I would like to express my gratitude to the Medical Mobile Clinic and Pope for Ukraine initiative. Medical care is an acute need for the underprivileged people. This program has helped many internally displaced people. Not all of them have access to Internet to express their gratitude on their own, but I do hear many wonderful responses on the quality of the provided medical services. I would like to especially mention the quality and the need for the provided dental services. May your organization flourish and implement more programs like this, shared Alexandra Morgunova, coordinator of charitable projects for IDPs.

Irina who coordinates this programs at Medical Mobile Clinic says, «Patients come to us with various medical needs. Mainly, they suffer from various neurological diseases, hyper tension, anemias and thyroid gland pathologies.  Most of these diseases are caused by stress. Many patients share their problems with the doctors and tell stories of their life in eastern Ukraine – before they had to move due to war. One of the couples who came to the clinic, were thinking of getting a divorce. Our medical staff talked to them just to give them a relief. Many patients found new friends at the clinic because its much easier to overcome the same kind of difficulties together.

In the framework of the project, the patients with grave medical condition can apply for help and have the surgeries they need for free.

Eduard and Valentina Yakovleff came to Kyiv from Avdiyivka, Donetsk region. The couples friends invited them to undergo medical screening at Medical Mobile Clinic. We came to Kiev to visit our family and we didnt plan to see any doctors. We had no medical concerns, except for the fact that I had been losing weight for the last couple of months but I wasnt too worried about that,shares Valentina.

At the clinic in Kyiv, where the couple came after their friends’ invitation, the woman was carefully examined by doctors  and after additional CT tests she was found a tumor that needed to be urgently operated. The woman was referred to the Ibn SinaClinic where she had the needed surgery right away and the tumor was successfully removed!

The doctor told us, You have taken the last carriage of the last train. Had it not been for this project implemented by Emmanuel Association in cooperation withPope for Ukraine Initiative, the tumor would have spread metastases and my wife could die,  shares Eduard with tears in his eyes.

Valentina is just another patient who benefited from this project. She is in the next hospital room of “Ibn Sina” clinic waiting for her surgery after her medical screening at “Medical Mobile Clinic”. For the last couple of years, the woman has been suffering from varicose disease leading to appearance of trophic ulcers in her left leg. Valentina had never experienced an attitude like this before in other medical institutions.

«They treated me like I was the most important person in the world – not like a refugee of war from Donetsk region. I would like to thank the medical staff of Medical Mobile Clinic and Emmanuel Association and, of course, Pope Francis! I am so grateful to God for working in His mysterious ways. How could I ever imagine that I would meet these wonderful people in my life? shares Valentina who is so happy to be able to receive this kind of help.

We are grateful to Pope Francis and all caring Catholic Christians who answered his call to help the conflict-affected people in Eastern Ukraine!