On September 17, thousands of Christians of various denominations from all over Ukraine jointed together at the main square of Kyiv to celebrate Thanksgiving.

This event took place in the framework of 500 years of Reformation Celebration. The organizers gathered all of the Christians not only to glorify God for all His work in Ukraine, but also to show the contribution of Evangelic Christians into development of the Ukraine’s society.  

Worship songs and the Word of God from preachers and bishops of Ukraine were heard at Kyiv’s main street Kreshatick since early in the morning. Hundreds of people started coming to the main street of Kyiv to participate in the celebration.

CBN-Emmanuel was one of the organizers of the event, presenting the results of its activities in four tents (medical ministry, volunteers\chaplains, family and children, media). In over 20 years of ministry in Ukraine we have a lot to thank God for. In this period of time, CBN-Emmanuel implemented many large-scale social and media projects leading to changes in hundreds of thousands peoples lives.

Among Emmanuel’s projects presented at the celebrations were «Medical Mobile Clinic», Helpua.org (humanitarian and disaster relief projects in Eastern Ukraine), Orphan’s Promise, «Club Life» and «Superbook».

Emmanuel’s department of humanitarian and disaster relief projects (Helpua.org) presented its projects implemented in the conflict-affected zone. There was a photo-zone with installation of pictures and shells fragments from eastern Ukraine stating that «By changing the life of one person we are changing the whole world».

Andrey, one of the guests of the celebration shared his impressions, «No words are enough to describe my feelings now! Freedom and joy reign in Ukraine! We as Christians can freely worship God with songs and prayers in unity, right in the center of Ukraine’s capital! We can bless our government and see the scale of ministries implemented in towns and villages of our country. It’s amazing to see how many Christians are working every single day to share the Gospel, encourage people and serve them! It’s it a reason to rejoice? Christians in many other countries could only dream about that!»

The culmination of celebration was a speech by the legend Nick Vuichich who shared the message of love and faith with the people. Over 160,000 people – young and old, believers and unbelievers, families with children, veterans of war and people with disabilities came to listen to Nick’s words!

Thousands of people were able to join the celebration trough its broadcast at «Nadiya» channel.

We praise God for our country and for all friends and partners! We believe that this Thanksgiving celebration was a breaking point in the life of Ukraine and in the lives of every Ukrainian!