CBN-Emmanuel’s has continued its partnership with “Pope for Ukraine” Initiative with just another project!

“Pope For Ukraine” Technical Committee was so much inspired by cooperation with CBN-Emmanuel in installing 335 hard-fuel boilers in the front line town of Maryinka that it was decided to continue this cooperation aimed at providing relief to conflict-affected population of eastern Ukraine.

CBN-Emmanuel’s “Something to Eat Every Day” (SEED) Project (providing seed material for household plots in eastern Ukraine) received a grant amounting to 27,000 Euros!

Many people living in the frontline towns of eastern Ukraine own small 5-6 ares household plots. This much of land is enough to obtain harvest which will be enough for living through the winter. The only thing that the villagers were lacking was the seed material. «We would go out to plant our gardens even under fire for this is our land! We have been working on it for our whole lives and we live off our gardens! We are going to plant vegetables and flowers, we will make preserves for winter, just help us with the seeds!” – share the locals of Donbass.

The seeds provided to the families living in conflict-affected eastern Ukraine will give them a chance to work in their gardens and receive food during the whole year.  Moreover, this support will give them a hope and assurance of the future and give them joy of seeing the fruit of their work!

Thanks to this project, about 6,000 households will receive sets of vegetable sees (carrots, beets, cabbage, tomatoes, zucchini, corn, peas, radish, sorrel, parsley), and potato seeds to be planted at their plots. It means that these people will have vegetables and preserves in winter!

Last week we delivered the first truck with potato seeds to Slavyansk, Donetsk region. The seeds will be further distributed among the towns and villages in eastern Ukraine.