The project is closed! Oleg Dankin is 3 years old. He and his parents live in the town of Mariupol, in close proximity to the conflict-affected area in eastern Ukraine.

Not long ago, a terrible accident happened in this young family. After Oleg’s young family was able to finally cover all of the debts for his grandmother’s cancer treatment, they started preparing for a new baby they are expecting. Oleg was helping his father to fix the room for the baby. No one would ever expect that while the father was making a plaster mix in the other room, Oleg would take two nails and try to check voltage in a socket – just like his father did. The boy received a severe burn from an electric shock.

Due to the fact that the boy spent 6 hours in an ambulance coming through 4 check-points, the finger tissue started dying off. To save the boy’s hands, the doctors decided to attach them to the boy’s belly.

олежкаолежка2Oleg needs $650 (17,000 UAH) for treatment and rehabilitation.

Dear friends, let’s support this family and save Oleg’s hands!

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