On March 17, 35 missionaries serving in eastern Ukraine started their Art-therapy Training at the Christian Center of the Good New Church of Slavyansk.


Pastors of Kyiv «Tabernacle of God with People” Chruch, Victor and Oxana Karpenko, were the main speakers at the training. The couple has an expensive experience in arts and they own an art-café in Kyiv. For the last couple of years, regular meetings at the art-cafe have been helping people to change their lives and reach new horizons of living in victory.The Karpenkos came to Slavyansk to share their experience with the missionaries.

“Through arts, we can learn a lot of things about ourselves. Creativity is a gift given to us by the Creator Himself. We tend to express everything we have in our hearts in a song, in music or on a piece of paper», – shares Oxana Karpenko.

In order to merge into the arts, students started their training with practical tasks. All attendees were able to try for themselves the restoring and prophetic impact of personal creativity. The result was fabulous!




These volunteers and missionaries who came to learn art-therapy from the front-line towns of Zolotoye, Popasna, Zalizne, Bakhmut, Kurdiumovka and Zaitseve will be ale to bring more fresh colors into the lives of people who live in constant fear for their own lives. It will help them build adequate reactions to difficult situations.

The speakers teach that each person lives in a prison of his/her own fears. In order to get out of that prison, one needs to step back and look at their situation from the outside. After seeing the whole picture, a person will be able to find a way out.

Art-therapy will become just another tool for serving people living under the stresses of war. Each missionary will take this knowledge back to their missionary centers where they will organize art-therapy classes for children, teenagers and adults.

We are grateful to «Tabernacle of God with People» Church for the training!