Some people say – no, we shouldn’t! They invited “Russian World” into their homes, so let them glut their appetite. And I will say the following. I will wish nobody in the whole world to get into the chopper of war or to eat refugee’s soup. Nobody!


The common people never start the wars. Do we need much? A roof over the head, a job, a salary, a pan with borsch on the stove and sausage in the fridge … Who would go to the war having all that? What for?


We, Donetsk people, had just enough. We lived in comfort. Nobody was going to fight for Russians or Ukrainians. But someone failed to make a deal on sharing authorities. It used to happen in all times: the pleasures of the might are the tears of the poor. They drove a wedge between the people, quickly poured it with blood, so no one would look for the way back. And the fat is in the fire. The might will trade and the common people will die. And nobody knows when and how it all will be over.


So, should we help the refugees? Of cause, we should. Even if the brains of people were poisoned… Even if they do not want to see you … Even if you are met with the curse language… They are just people in trouble. And we are the only people who can help, because the Lord teaches us this way.


For what will I blame my countrymen, common people from Gorlovka, who didn’t deal with politics but worked honestly and were left to live on the front-line? They would like not to know what the war means but they failed. They experienced the days which they will never forget. How can they forget them?


A woman ran into the yard of the municipal hospital. She was waving her arms and shouting. Her face and chest were covered by blood. Frozen horror was in her eyes. She was immediately medical examined but found no injuries and even no scratches. She wasn’t wounded by shrapnel or stones. But she had blood on her face and arms… of someone else’s. The pieces of torn human body flew right near her after the explosion of the shell. Will she be able to forget about it ever in her life? Is she guilty in anything?

… When the guns had stopped firing, the people got out of the basements and cellars. The curious people gathered near the burning private house. Firefighters arrived and the fire was extinguished. A few minutes after they carried the half-burnt sofa out of smoldering ashes and the charred body of the house owner on it. Why did not the man hide in the basement? Perhaps his constrained by fear heart stopped beating even before the shell struck the roof? Who will tell his wife and kids that left the town that Dad stayed to keep an eye on their home but will never come to them?


A mine came to the house of Viktor Maltsev the first. It was exploded in the yard, broke the windows and damaged the roof. The elderly man came out to his yard. What could he do now?

The brothers from the local church came to him the next day. They glazed the windows, repaired the door ripped off with the hinges. But a shell – the fiancé of the mine – got to his home soon after that. It was exploded behind the old oak growing at the gates. Shrapnel took of its bark, leaving a giant naked. Viktor was left without windows again. This time he was also left without windows frames and slate on one third of the roof. How could he live further? Who needs the elderly couple of seventies? Why is life so complicated? Victor was born in June 22, 1941. His childhood was burned by the terrible war. Now, guns and tanks go over his old age. What is his fault?

We invited Victor and his wife Valentina to move to Nikolskoye village. It was Kirovograd region recently and now it is Ingul area. It is small but good house of three rooms. There is a shed, bath, garden, kitchen-garden … The young people could do a lot here. But it is certainly difficult for elderly people to start a new life in the new place.

Brothers and sisters from Nikolskoye church helped then as much as they could. They drilled the well in the yard of Maltsev family. They installed water system in the house, constructed bathroom and toilet inside of the house. They also dug a large drain hole.

They got also much to do in the fall. By the fall – other concerns. They built a new stove for Viktor, installed a heater into it and set the pipes of water heating in the rooms.

In the beginning of winter Vasily Popovich (a local) took his chainsaw and drove his tractor to the wood for the whole day. He delivered a truck of firewood to Maltsev family in the evening. It was a gift.

But these refugees got one concern. They were not able to pay the debts after purchase of the house. They promised the owner of the house to pay all debts by January 1, but it took much money to make the renovation, so they failed to collect enough money. They were sitting and thinking the way to find excuses for the owner and what they will tell her. She trusted them. She even formed all the papers for the house on their name though Maltsev family couldn’t pay the entire sum for it at once.

Galina Kucher invited me for a meeting before the New Year Eve.

– What about Maltsev family? – She asked.

– They are fine and getting settled. They got water and heating system in the house. They also got firewood. Only the debt payment of 600$ for the house remained.
– Here you are. – Galina handed me the money. – The brothers from Peaceful Harvest Church in Portland donated this money for this elderly couple. Go to Nikolskoye. Let Christmas for Viktor and Valya be joyful.

I couldn’t wait till Christmas. I visited Maltsev family before the New Year. Viktor and Valentina cried from joy so much! But it doesn’t matter.

They thank the Church in Portland … They thank “Emmanuel” Association and all the people realizing that the trouble has no idea or nationality. They understand that common people never start the war.

Gennady Novikov, the press-center of “Emmanuel” Association.

We just remind that “CBN-Emmanuil” continues to help the people from the South-East of Ukraine.
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