This is the nine-storey building on the outskirts of Krasnogorovka city, Donetsk region. The people – young, elderly and children – used to live here. They were born, loved and died here. They thought it would last forever. But the first shell got into the concrete wall…Then the second one. The third one

No people live here anymore. There are the holes of broken windows, snow in the stairwells, frost in the apartments. The doors are wrenched with the explosive wave here and there. I am entering the corridor and the room and carefully steping over clothing, toys, books and magazines covered with frost and thrown about. The broken multi-storey buildings are convenient places for spies, spotters of fire, so a clicking of pulled ring of grenade can become the last sound for you here. Even the looters don’t dare to come here.

It is evident that the residents escaped from this nine-story building, thinking only about the way to survive. All furniture and things were left. Housewares, baby strollers, school textbooks … The hosts certainly hoped that they would return, that the war is nonsense, kind of error and absurd. But the trouble turned out to be a reality. The war hit the door , and hundreds of thousands of people from such multistoried buildings were scattered all over Ukraine and Russia and other countries. Someone survived at a new place … Someone wanders in tears and misery … Someone was already buried in a strange land.

The pictures are thrown about on the floor. Wedding … A kid near the Christmas tree … Songs with a guitar on the bank of lake … Happy faces: young, strong, laughing and waving hands to the photographer…


There is dust and snowflakes on these photos. And the child’s boot is near them. It is blue with white laces. It is brand new…

There is a wedding dress and service coat with orders and medals in the closet. The jars with jam are in the pantry… The people lived here and thought it would last forever…

Gennady Novikov, the press center of “Emmanuel” Association

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