I could write a text where Lubov would be sitting on her bed, squeezing her palms in anxiety and crying… However, Lubov doesn’t cry in reality. Sitting on her bed, she says, “What can I tell you about my life? I don’t know if I am able to tell anything, there is nothing exciting about our life…” However, we do believe that the story of Lubov Breschinska is worthy telling!

 There are thousands of women like Lubov – the women whose unfaithful husbands have had children with younger women. However, you won’t find too many women who started caring for the husband’s children after the husband died. Lubov is one of them, one in a million.

Lubov Breschinskaya had lived with her husband Gennady for 22 years; they had had and raised two sons together.  However, when their sons grew up, Gennady stared looking for some “adventure”. At the age of 50, he moved in with and young girl and 4 children were born. The young “wife” showed her real character soon enough – she was  carefree, selfish and loved drinking alcohol.

Gennady died of a heart attack several years ago in poverty, in an abandoned apartment. All of his 4 children were taken from the biological mother and placed to an orphanage while his funeral was still being prepared.

 “My sons and I went to visit them to the orphanage on the day of my husband’s funeral. We kept visiting the children for the next 9 months and then we unanimously decided that I would take take them to my home. Should I look at these children through the prism of unforgiveness for my husband’s unfaithfulness? No, I shouldn’t and I don’t – because I forgave him. I looked at these children in the orphanage and I knew that they were my children’s siblings (through their father). Besides, I’ve always dreamt about having a girl – and now God has fulfilled my dream in my old days! They are my family!” – Lubov shares with a smile.

 How is it being a foster mother of 4 young children at the age of 62? Lubov shares that it hasn’t been an easy task to provide for 4 children, both boys and girls. She needs to buy so many things to provide for them –  shoes, clothes, copybooks! But one could see that the children are well cared-for – they have roller-skates, a bike and a cat.

Lubov shares that her younger son Roman loves his siblings so much that has to kiss his little brothers and sisters before going to work every day. The little ones are surrounded with love and affection – and they don’t need much more!

11-year-old Denis is a teenager. While his foster mother tells us about their life, he is standing next to us inserting his remarks into his Mom’s speech: I wake up in the morning and there is food on the table. I come home from school – and there is food again. In the evening, after I play some computer games – again, I have something tasty to eat. My Mom has golden hands!” The last couple words are pronounced with bread in his mouth – proudly and in a very masculine manner. It is obvious that presence of food on the table is a sign of prosperity for 11-year-old Denis.

While I’m recording this interview, I can hear children’s voices in the background. Daniel is playing with a screaming cat. Violetta plays in the yard. And Galya is tired and sad.

How is it for a 62-year-old woman to raise four young children? It’s not easy at all! However, there are less orphans in the world. The children live in a home and have someone they can call “Mom”. To help Lubov with her everyday needs, we brought this family a food bag and a bag with household supplies.

With you joining us and subscribing for the monthly donations via this link, we will be able to continue going to remote villages and towns and brining help to the needy. We will be able to refuel our car and buy something for the children. There should be less orphans and needy children in the world and more wealthy families! We thank you for your repost and contribution.

Anna Chaban, CBN-Emmanuel