A charitable medical outreach took place in war-affected village of Mironivksy, Donetsk region, on April 19-21, 2019. This was the first medical outreach organized by CBN-Emmanuel’s “Medical Mobile Clinic” in the current year.

There are only three medical workers in the whole village who stayed in the village after the war started. Most of the local doctors had left the town and  are unlikely to return. The population in the village of Mironovsky declined from 8,000 to 2,000 people due to war. Six civilians were killed and eight were injured in shelling. 20 houses were destroyed, 15 were partially damaged since the start of war.

90-year-old Matrona Bogdanova was one of the patients during the outreach.  Matrona is a widow whose two children had died. Despite of her old age, Matrona takes care of her health. Due to the fact that most medical personnel had left the village, most of the healthcare services are only available in the bigger nearby town of Bakhmut. It is very difficult for the elderly lady to travel such long distances and she wanted to use this chance to receive the needed medical consultations provided by CBN-Emmanuel’s “Medical Mobile Clinic” locally. She came to the outreach early in the morning to wait for the start of registration.

Matrona shares that she fell down not long ago and injured her arm. Even after receiving the needed consultation and medicines,  Matrona was reluctant to go home. “Nobody is waiting for me at home – , the elderly lady shared. – There are people with open hearts here who are ready to listen and support”. Matrona was able to talk to a Christian counselor and prayed a prayer of repentance. She was also given some Christian literature to take home with her. She was very thankful for the provided support and for generosity of people who care for needy people like her.

Lyudmila Yudina was invited to CBN’s charitable medical outreach by Christians from the local “House of Prayer”, which that she has been attending. At the outreach, Ludmila shared that she was affected by shelling in the village back in 2015. Ludmila was entering her bedroom one day,  when she heard a sound of falling shell and her window broke into pieces. Stroke by fear and surprise the woman fell down on the floor and hit her head which resulted in a large hematoma under her left eye. A month later Lyudmila went to eye-doctors in the city of Kharkiv where she had an eye prothesis installed. Unfortunately, her right eye is losing vision too. In 2016, she had a cataract surgery of the right eye but she keeps having problem with blurred vision and a sense of burning.

Unfortunately, without a proper treatment there is a risk for Lyudmila of going completely blind. Ludmila is a disabled person due to a recent stroke and she lives off a disability allowance amounting to 1452 UAH (55 USD) per month and it has been very difficult for her even to buy food for this money. Needless to mention that she can’t afford to pay for her treatment.

At the medical outreach organized by CBN’s “Medical Mobile Clinic”, Ludmila had a chance to undergo a complete medical examination and receive free medicines. Thankfully, believers from the “Slavic Trinity Church” provided finances for  her eye treatment and she will have a consultation at the hospital soon. Ludmila was thankful to the CBN doctors for the provided help, “Thank you so much! I Thank God that good people are always with me. It gives me faith and strength to go on.”

 336 patients were registered during the medical outreach. 

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