“Hristos Pentru Fiecare” means “Christ for Everyone”. This is the name of the church located in the village of Kostychany, Chernivtsi region, Ukraine.

This church has an unusual story. It was started after a charitable medical outreach organized by CBN-Emmanuel in the village last year. For over 12 years now, thanks to the support of its financial partners, CBN-Emmanuel has been carrying out medical outreaches in various parts of Ukraine. During this time, the team of CBN-Emmanuel’s doctors provided free healthcare services to 96,881 patients in 266 medical outreaches.

Last year, in the framework of CBN-Emmanuel’s medical outreach in Kostychany village, 324 people received free medical consultations, medicines and/or glasses. However, the patients were left on their own after the medical mission left their town. Thankfully, the spiritual support for the locals was being provided ever since. Pastors Vitaliy Ursulyak and Vitaliy Vasylkov worked hard to organize many evangelizing events both for children and the adults. Later on, they managed to buy a church building.

In August 2018, the first baptism was held on the territory of the new church, in which dozens of believers made a covenant with God. Today, over 100 people attend church services and prayer meetings on a regular basis!

The CBN-Emmanuel team of physicians was able to come back to the village this year to provide medical care for the locals of Kostičani and Dumeny villages. The outreach was held at the Kostichany local hospital. Two doctors from the USA – Eugenia and Sharon – came to serve the locals alongside with CBN-Emmanuel’s medical team. They were able to provide spiritual support for the patients.

After the medial day was over, the whole team of doctors and volunteers went to the new church building where they all prayed together and thanked God for the abundant fruit. At this point, the worship services are being held on the ground floor, where quality repairs had been made. On the second floor, the church management plans to build a large hall for various ministries, a Sunday school room, a mission center and a kitchen. The church building will be ready to receive even more people next year!

The pastor of the church, Vitaly Vasilkov, shares, “We are very grateful to everyone for your support of CBN-Emmanuel’s medical mission. God has blessed our village greatly through this ministry! Next year, we invite everyone for the solemn opening of the renovated building of our “Christ for Everyone” Church! And we thank God for everything!”

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Luidmila Gamaliy, CBN-Emmanuel