Dear friends, thank you for praying and supporting little girl Evelina from the village of Luganskoye! The situation appeared to be much harder than the doctor initially thought. Evelina could not receive help at the regional hospital.

She spent a whole month there undergoing all possible examinations but the doctor couldn’t help her because of no needed equipment. They said that her case was very difficult and the had about 6 months of life left. They also suggested them to go to a foreign clinic because her treatment is not possible in Ukraine.

After a long period of searching, they were able to find an International Foundation ready to help the girl. They started the girl’s treatment in another hospital but they couldn’t help her either. It was the time of despair when everyone was feeling that there was no way to safe Evelina.

Thankfully, the girl was transferred to still another clinic where the doctors were able to split 40 “coral” kidney stones with the help of Ultra Sound. This may be a success, but it’s still early to make any judgement about the results. The girl has blood instead of urine and the kidneys are swollen.

Dear friends, we need your prayers! The Lord knitted this girl together in her mothers womb and He is powerful enough to restore her. We are thankful to everyone who has been helping her. The treatment abroad is free but the mother has to cover her stay there. They have already spent the 23000 UAH that we had risen with your help. The mother needs money for food ($300). The family still has many trials ahead and they still have to spend much time in the hospital. But we praise the Lord that the process has already started!

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