On August 8, 2016, the 7th Missionary School stared in Pokrovsk, Donetsk region. 30 students will undergo special training to be able to serve people living on the frontlines in Donbass. The fruit of the work of our missionaries can be seen in people’s destinies.

The locals who are so exhausted and tired of war, need God, prayers and comfort as never before. Very often, when people meet our missionaries, it becomes the turning point in their lives. Vitaly Medvedev, one of the missionaries serving in Svetlodarsk, Donetsk region, shares one of testimonies like that.

«I was walking around the streets of Svetlodarsk today when I saw an old lady whose face looked familiar. As I walked by her, I suddenly remembered who the lady was. I met her a year ago, when we just came to Svetlodarsk. I turned back trying to catch up to her and talk.  

You can clearly see her on the first picture. Yes, she is really the same old lady! The second picture of her was taken today, a year later. Look how God has changed her! The woman told me that she has been praying more. The situation is still not so easy and she still has a lot of difficulties. But when you look at her, it’s quiet obvious – God is alive and active! We prayed with her and she thanked all the missionaries for paying attention to people who are seemingly «lost» of this society…


A year ago she lived in the the street and she has a home today. A year ago she wanted to die of despair and today she has a real sense in life, she has God! Her steps towards God may be small and half hearted, but she is taking them and God does change her reality. She says, «God helps so unexpectedly sometimes that it catches me by surprise». The light of God is changing her soul and her life, giving her hope for tomorrow.

 I don’t know that would happen had I not met her that day a year ago. Nothing happens by chance with God. God has showed again that He is working and we don’t have to give up, even if we feel that all our efforts have no sense. We just need to get up and do good things!»

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