We met a young and shy girl Alla during a medical outreach in Dehtyari village, Chernihiv region, where she came to see the Mobile Medical Clinic’s doctors together with her 80-year-old grandma.

Alla is an orphan. Her mother died 10 years ago and her father had left the family a long time ago. Alla has two older sisters who live separately and a 25-year-old brother. Alla and her brother have a small farming business – they grow chicken, ducks, rabbits and cows and make money from selling milk. While the brother is at work, Alla spends all time caring for animals and working in the garden.

During a church service at the local church, Alla heard about the medical outreach and she went to see the doctors right away. It appeared that Alla has been suffering from bronchial asthma with an allergic component. For the last six months the girl has been taking wrong doses of Prednisolone hormone. Instead of taking single pills when needed, Alla started taking several pills per day.

«I felt I was feeling worse. Besides, I became addicted to the medication. I could take about 6 pills per day to stop episodes of asthma», shares Alla.

During the check-up, the doctors of Mobile Medical Clinic decided that the girl needed a qualified treatment under supervision of specialists.

The believers from the «Holy Trinity» Slavic Church from Sacramento, USA, who went to the medical outreach with the team of doctors, donated finances to help Alla. We took the girl to Kiev to the National Institute of Phtisiology and Pulmonology named after Yankovsky.
 «Our task is to decrease the dosage and, eventually to remove Prednisolone medication. At this point, we have decreased her dosage to 2 pill per day. The girl came to our hospital with ample expectorations. We had to put her on antibiotics. Alla feels better today under treatment. Alla also receives free inhalers needed for constant use with her condition», shares the head doctor Mariya Alexandrovna.

I cannot imagine how my self-treatment could possibly end had I not come to the medical outreach.  We still cannot believe that this happened! My grandmother received free medicines and free glasses. I undergo treatment for my asthma in Kiev. I am very thankful to the doctors of «Mobile Medical Clinic» and to believers from America. I am also thankful to Emmanuel Association for the help!», says Alla.

Alla will spend two more weeks in Kiev. All of her free time at the hospital, the girls walks in the hospital park and reads the Bible. We will continue supporting Alla until her full recovery and returning home.

We thank the team of Medical Mobile Clinic doctors and to our partners from «Holy Trinity» Slavic Church from Sacramento, USA, for their ministry and help to the people in need.

Update from 12.08.16

At the moment Alla finished her treatment succesfully and came back home. Doctors stabilized the state of health of the girl, removed Prednizolone medication and prescribed the maintenance therapy. Alla feels well and there is no danger for her life.

Alla gives thanks for everybody for the help and care!


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