The medical project aimed at providing free medical services to internally displaced persons is under way at “Medical Mobile Clinic” in Kyiv.

The project was organized by CBN-Emmanuel in partnership with “Pope for Ukraine” Initiative.

At the clinic, we  have been meeting new people and overcoming new challenges as we have been trying to support our patients in their trials and joys. In the framework of the project, internally displaced persons and residents of the front-line towns of Donbass have a chance receive free medical and consultative assistance, including dental care. Very often, our patients who had left their homes due to the hostilities in Donbass, are also in need of spiritual and psychological support.

The family of Valery Zuev from now-occupied Donetsk was active in supporting their pro-Ukrainian position in the beginning of war in eastern Ukraine. Valery and his daughter Anna volunteered to support the Ukrainian army and this put their lives in danger. One day, some people came to their house with guns and took Valery’s daughter into captivity. She spent 4 days away from home and was only able to call home a couple of times. Volunteers helped her get out of captivity and brought her back to her parents.

Some time later, a similar situation happened to Valery himself. He was arrested in the street and was kept in a basement for 8 days. Again, volunteers helped him get out. After these events, the family (Valery with his daughter and granddaughter) moved to Kyiv and they now stay at a sanatorium in Pushcha Voditsa. They will not be able to return to Donetsk, because staying there is dangerous for them.

Like most of our patients, they heard about our medical project carried out in partnership with “Pope for Ukraine” Initiative from our ads in social media. In course of his medical examination, Valery was diagnosed with several diseases he didn’t know about. He was able to receive a timely treatment and he is very grateful for this opportunity. He also wants to take his wife to the clinic for her dental treatment. “Pope for Ukraine” Initiative and the doctors of “Medical Mobile Clinic” are ready to help those who have experienced terrible moments of life!

Natalya R. moved from Donetsk with her family at the beginning of the war. Natalya shares that during the May holidays that year, Donetsk was very turbulent. They were scared of the situation in the city and decided to go to visit their friend in the town of Chernivtsi for a short time. After leaving their home town, they were forced to exchange their train tickets for a later date three times. And, in the end, they realized that they wouldn’t dare to return –  there was no way back for them. Natalya’s husband went to Donetsk by himself to gather their belongings. Natalya was able to visit her home town only once in all these years – when her father became seriously ill. When Natalya’s father died, the woman could not even be present at his funeral.

In Donetsk the family had their family business -they owned several clothing stores. Thanks to this business, the family was able to survive their first summer in a new place. In Kyiv, they continued developing their business via Internet. Finally, they were able to buy an apartment – will be paying for the mortgage for many years, but now they have a place to live. The family heard about “Pope for Ukraine’s” medical project through Facebook. Natalia says she wants to have some blood tests done and consult a cardiologist. Her son Denis has been complaining of poor eyesight and he was able to consult an eye doctor. The whole family (except for their middle son who didn’t want to skip school) were able to receive free medical services at “Medical Mobile Clinic”.

The family shares, that if it hadn’t been for this medical project, they wouldn’t be able to afford paying for medical services in a private medical clinic.  They are very grateful for such a unique opportunity to undergo a medical check-up and prevent unwanted illnesses!

We thank Pope Francis and all the caring Catholic Christians who responded to the call for help for the war victims of Donbass!

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