Ludmila, a young single mother of two daughters, tries to do her best to keep her house clean.

Unfortunately, doing a laundry one day, caused a very serious accident with her little daughter.

On April 23, Ludmila decided to do the laundry. The family doesn’t have an automatic washing machineand still uses old-style «Maliutka» machine which needs to be filled by water manually. Using this old-fashioned machine became fatal for Ludmila’s 2,5 year-old Karina.

After Lyudmila brought some boiled water to the dorm room, where she lives with the children, and poured it into the washing machine, she left the room to get some cold water. Karina was left alone in the room just for a short moment of time (the older sister was at school at that time). That moment, however, was enough for her to fall into the washing machine filled with boiling water.

After hearing Karina’s cry, Ludmila rushed back to the room. She grabbed the girl out of the washing machine, took off her clothes and called an ambulance. Karina was urgently taken to Kramatorsk hospital, 20 kilometers away from their home.  

50% of Karina’s body were covered with deep burns. The girl was in a critical condition, and she underwent an urgent surgery to transplant modern xeno skin, which was purchased by the Burns Department in February 2018 as part of the medical project  sponsored by «Pope for Ukraine» Initiative! After the surgery, Karina was transferred to the intensive care unit.

To continue the girl’s treatment, the family had to pay enormous money – about $100 per day – which is they would never be able to afford. Previously, Lyudmila had worked as a janitor, but she is on maternity leave at the moment. The family’s total monthly income amounts to  3,500 UAH (130 USD). When the woman heard the amount she needed for the treatment, she fell into despair. Where could she find so much money? Lyudmila began to apply to various charitable foundations, however she only  received refusals

One of the doctors at the hospital told the woman to apply to «Emmanuel” Association. The appeal of Karina’s mother was immediately examined, and the Association purchased absolutely all the necessary medicines for the first 8 days most dangerous days and the subsequent period of rehabilitation of the girl.

Karina’s condition is improving, she has already started talking and eating. We hope for her full recovery after this terrible accident. Karina’s mother is thankful to all caring people for their mercy and for saving Karina’s life and health!

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