Our society is used to a special category of mothers who have children suffering from cerebral palsy.

This diagnosis in children is seen as a life-sentence for the mother  involving constant struggle for the child’s every new movement or word. The skills that are acquired by other children naturally, have to be achieved with a very hard work. Moreover, mothers of children with cerebral palsy often have to do it on their own – the father’s rarely stay in the family with a sick child.  Olya N. from Donske village of the Donetsk region has a very special daughter Veronica. The girl’s needs are not the same as those of ordinary children. To be able to  develop life skills, the girl needs to undergo rehabilitation twice a year. Unfortunately, there are not too many options for such rehabilitation in Ukraine and even the available options most families cannot afford.

There is a specialized medical center in the town of Truskavets (western Ukraine) aimed at providing rehabilitation for children with cerebral palsy. The cost of one course of such treatment is over 11,000 UAH (around 400 USD). It’s not that much, considering very good results of such rehabilitation. At the same time, it’s an enormous amount for a single mother who is not able to work taking care of her sick child…  This year, Olya started seeking money for Veronica’s next rehabilitation course. She applied to all possible governmental authorities, but had no success in finding the needed finances. The woman wouldn’t give up her efforts to help her sick daughter and she continued knocking every possible door.

God heard her prayers and “Pope for Ukraine” Initiative came to help them!  Right now the girl is in Truskavets rehab center and she has made a lot of progress.  Olya noticed that Veronica’s leg muscles are becoming more relaxed and soft after being very strained for a long time.

It became easier for the girl to go up and down the stairs. The doctors can also see the improvements but, according to them, the real benefits of the treatment can be only seen after 2-4 weeks after rehabilitation.

Olya is very grateful for the help and she still cannot believe that this treatment has become possible thanks to “Pope for Ukraine” Initiative!

We are grateful to Pope Francis and all Catholic Christians from Europe who answered the Popes call for help the conflict-affected people of Donbass!