Iryna Smolenskaya is one of the beneficiaries who received solid fuel for the winter from “Emmanuel Charity Association”.

This project for people with disabilities living in war-affected areas of eastern Ukraine.

Iryna lives in the isolated town of Krasnohorivka located right on the frontline. Not long ago she lost everything she had in a fire but she is happy and thankful to be alive.

When Emmanuel’s team was delivering the solid fuel to Iryna’s place, she shared her sad story.

In 2009 I had a terrible accident a work – I got trapped in a concrete mixer and was badly injured. I received an official certification of disability – one of my legs is 6 cm shorter than the other and my spine is damaged in three places. I survived and tried to live a normal life after that. My biggest dream was to finish remodeling of my apartment – I was dreaming of relaxing at my “French balcony” and enjoying the beautiful landscape outside…

In 2014, the war came. We all prayed that our lives wouldn’t be affected in any way. But his is unreal – when the war comes, it ruins everything.

In 2016, I went to my granddaughter’s birthday and stayed there overnight. It was a fateful night when everything I had was burned to the ground. When I heard the terrible news and rushed into my house, I found only smoking walls… I could feel the terrible smell of burning and smoldering my personal items, most of which could not be saved …

The fire was caused by the shelling that occurred that night. Just in one moment I found myself homeless and without any of my belongings. However, I am very thankful that God saved me from death and protected my children from injuries. My daughter is now forced to live in a hostel, and the other daughter lives with me in a rented home.

That unfortunate shelling and fire took everything we had. But I’m so grateful to be alive! Thanks to the help of people who cared enough to help us, we were able to survive and start all over. I know that nothing can’t be returned from my belongings that I’ve lost to the fire. At least, I want to come back to the times where there is no war. When we had our normal peaceful life – we never appreciated it! And now peace is the only thing we are dreaming about we don’t need anything else!”

Emmanuel Charity Association delivered 3.5 tons of solid fuel briquettes for Irina so that she would not freeze during the cold winter – this winterization project for persons with disabilities is supported by UN “Ukraine Humanitarian Fund”.

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By Anna Chaban